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Apparently Lisa Gerrard's most recent film score is for the British gangster flick Layer Cake. I find it hard to imagine Lisa "Dead Can Dance" Gerrard doing a score for a British gangster flick, unless it's not at all a post-Ritchie brash-cockney-wideboy film and more along the lines of Beat Takeshi or something.

In other news, it looks like Pete Waterman's (of Stock/Aitken/Waterman fame) latest gig is presenting a BBC TV series about the history of Britain's railways.

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Yesterday I was at Windsor Station, and noticed that the music in the café in the former stationmaster's office sounded rather familiar; the stereo there was playing one of my favourite discs from some years back, Dead Can Dance's Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (the closing strains of Xavier and the opening of Dawn of the Iconoclast). Then my train rolled in, and for a moment I had a vision that it was not the nondescript Hitachi tin can it was, but something from an earlier era; a great steel locomotive, with one baleful burning eye of a headlamp.

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