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Natasha Stott-Despoja, former leader of imploding possibly-left-wing minor party the Australian Democrats and sometime Doc Martens-wearing "Member for JJJ", has revealed that she was approached by another political party to join them, should anything happen to her existing one (see above), and that this was in addition to the Greens' public invitation.

It could well have been Family First with an outside hope that she would have a road-to-Damascus experience and become the voice of Generation Hillsong, though somehow I doubt it; my money would be on the ALP. And as much as I'm not a fan of Buffy Stott-Despoja's brand of politics (which seemed heavier on sweeping symbolic statements of right-on-ness than on in-depth understanding of issues; let's face it, she's no Barry Jones), I think that would be a good thing. At least, if she had some sway in the ALP, it could stop them from moving too far to the right to outflank the tories and go for the wowser vote (see also: the national internet firewall proposal). Not to mention that Peter Garrett would have some company. Though last time I looked, the ALP seemed more interested in apolitical sports-heroes who appealed to the Silent Majority Of Suburban Battlers than in idealistic rabble-rousers.

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Oho, the Democrats may split in two. Buffy may be gone, but her allies hold the reigns and are cracking down on their opponents in the party, which may encourage their opponents (moderate reformers, including Aden Ridgeway) to leave and form their own party. And if this happens, the Democrats will cease to be a parliamentary party (having fewer than 5 members in parliament), but the splitting group (assuming that Meg Lees joins them) will gain party status.

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Buffy Stott-Despoja, the Democrats' brash, trendy leader, has resigned from the leadership, citing a loss of support from her party.

Former Democrats leader John Coulter has said that this could be the end of the Democrats, as the party are now "a rabble". Though the Democrats always seemed a bit that way, like a motley collection of mugwump centrists and student-politician types (i.e., Buffy) obsessed with isms and buzzwords, and various others ranging from lapsed Tories (i.e., Don Chipp) to Scandinavian-style socialists. The Greens, in my opinion, are a more solid and trustworthy choice for a third party.

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The Democrats' image-conscious leader Buffy Stott Despoja to marry PR man. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

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