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Bitstream and GNOME have released the Bitstream Vera font family, which may be freely downloaded for use with open-source projects. Vera is a scalable font family optimised for screen display at integer pixel sizes. (via Slashdot)

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Psst! Want some free Nikes? Well, if you're in north-western North America, they're washing up all over the coast. Apparently a container ship was caught in a storm a few months ago, causing 3 containers of shoes, all fresh from the sweatshop, to be lost at sea. All 33,000 shoes are said to be still wearable (in fact, the exposure to the elements could cause them to look fashionably weathered). The catch is that the pairs weren't tied together, so you'll have to look hard for a matching pair. (Or maybe some enterprising thrifthound will put up a web site allowing people to trade their finds with fellow finders?) (via NWD)

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Doovy-font-of-the-week site Fontomas is back. This time they've got 10 fonts for the taking, for a limited time only.

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