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The results of The Reg's JenniCam poetry competition. The version of the Beatles' All The Lonely People at the bottom is priceless.

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Jorn Barger is alive and well and living in the New Mexico desert. It seems that the reclusive Barger moved across the US without telling his roommates. (I wonder how long until someone starts calling him the "Wandering Jew-Hater" or some variant on that.) Meanwhile, one of his (less controversial) longtime obsessions, professional cute blonde girl Jenni Ringley is shutting down her webcam. Jenni, of Jennicam fame, was the first of millions of "camgirls", shedding her clothes in front of the computer before anybody else was doing it (let alone trading requests for Amazon wishlist items); some could argue that the blame for the blight that is Reality TV rests partly with her.

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