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The latest recipients of knighthoods include actor David Jason (best known as the voice of Dangermouse) and BBC presenter Terry Wogan (who misses out on being called Sir because he's an Irish citizen). Meanwhile the title of Companion of the British Empire goes to Dame Judi Dench and the two founders of film production company Working Title (which is sort of the Merchant-Ivory of Cool Britannia).

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Tim Berners-Lee, the British physicist who invented the World-Wide Web, has been awarded a knighthood.

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Blah. I seem to have come down with a bug of some sort; I spent much of the day lying in bed feeling like death warmed over. Not at all fun.

Anyway, seeing how I wasn't going anywhere, I dragged myself down to the local video library and rented Enigma. Not a bad film; it seemed rather faithful to the Bletchley Park story, and didn't butcher or simplify things for the sake of mass-market appeal; and the settings and incidental music were quite apt too.

(aside: Isn't there now a cryptographic museum at Bletchley Park? And how does one get there from London?)

The DVD came with a bunch of interviews and the like, which were the usual fare; interesting to note how many times Saffron Burrows (who was a committed Marxist) uses the word "class" in hers.

(Tangent: is it officially Sir Mick Jagger or Sir Michael Jagger? And I wonder who will be first to get a knighthood in a few decades' time: Damon Albarn or Liam or Noel Gallagher.)

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Director of facile sentimental schlock Steven Spielberg is to receive an honorary knighthood, putting him among such great men as George Bush and Norman Schwarzkopf.

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