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The database of venues is getting progressively more bizarre. One of the three choices for the Melbourne bOING bOING Meetup* was "Putters Adventure Golf, 10 Main Rd, Hobart". Compared to this, the network deathmatch centre in Lilydale or wherever that kept cropping up is almost sensible.

* Not that it matters; it's unlikely that there'll be a quorum for this one any time soon.

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Because it's Soft Target Day today: True fact: as well as the weblog meetup, Melbourne has the third largest Goth Meetup in the world, behind only Toronto and Houston. (Houston? Not New Orleans or Seattle or some place?). Come along and you can hope to meet cool, interesting people like the following:

I am a child of the grave. Interested to meet you... *In My shallow grave in hell My soul and I are one*
hey u goths out there! my name is Sandra and i am 13, i am getting a nose ring and my mum wont let me get a lip ring but wen i get 1 im gonna get a chain and connect it 2 my ear. that pic isnt me but i wish it waz.
Hi all, I'm Laura, a 14 year old Goth and live in Mentone, Melbourne, Australia. I'm anxious to meet other Goths like myself, and hopefully a Goth boi. One of my favourite movies is Queen Of The Damned, and I love the taste of blood, yum yum! :P

I know, taking the piss out of goths is (to steal a phrase from P.J. O'Rourke) like hunting dairy cows with a high-powered rifle and sniper scope. Though it's better to go goth clubbing than baby seal clubbing, I say.

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Oh yes, yesterday's blog meetup was good. It was at the Gin Palace again, which is always good (though not cheap). A lot of people turned up, and a lot of good (if punctuated) conversation occurred.

I was looking at the blog meetup page and found that there's now an Iraq Crisis meetup. It seems to be mostly anti-war types, at least in Australia. I'm surprised there's no Fisking Meetup.

I looked at some other ones too, and found that there's also an indie meetup (which should be fun, as long as it's not overrun by mooks who think that Interscope is an indie label), a Smiths meetup (which sounds like a great place to get dates, or just an all-round fun place to be) and even a shoegazer meetup, for all the shoegazer/ethereal/4AD/swirlygoth fans. Who'd have thought there'd be enough people in Melbourne for one of those?

(Btw, what's the difference between the Goth Meetup and the Teen Vampire meetup?)

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