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The Principality of Hutt River, Australia's best-known novelty nation, has found itself in the news again, when an Iranian man facing fraud charges in Dubai claimed to be an ambassador of the province and demanded diplomatic treatment. The unnamed defendant is facing several fraud charges, some relating to the issuing of false passports:

Asked to explain why he was not on a list of foreign diplomats, he claimed his state was trying to open an embassy in Dubai and had just recently started the registration process.
The Principality of Hutt River's Prince Leonard (known as Leonard Casley to the Australian Tax Office) has admitted to knowing of the man, though denied that he was a Hutt River diplomat.

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The Principality of Sealand, a micronation situated on a platform off the mouth of the Thames, has recently suffered a number of problems, including a catastrophic fire, and is apparently facing bankruptcy. And so, Swedish anti-copyright group and file-sharing site The Pirate Bay has stepped in with a plan to buy Sealand, presumably turning it into a copyright-free hub of free downloads for all. That is, up until the RAF put a bomb through it once and for all. (After all, it could be seen as an act of war against the countries whose economies depend on intellectual-property licensing fees, much as currency counterfeiting is considered an act of war.)

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