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As the north polar ice cap shrinks, some scientists are thinking that the last chance of saving polar bears may be by relocating them to Antarctica. Others are wary of this:

"Antarctic penguins and seals aren't adapted to surface predators," explained Steven Amstrup, the chief U.S. Geological Survey polar-bear researcher. "The bears would have a field day for a while, because they could walk right up to them and eat them. For a short period of time, it would be great, but in the end the whole system would probably collapse."
See also here.

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The latest consequence of global warming: starved of food because of longer iceless seasons, polar bears are eating each other.

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A polar bear in an Argentine zoo has spontaneously turned purple. The startling transformation is believed to be a side-effect of dermatitis medication given to the bear. (With photo.) (via Found)

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