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Nokia to buy Trolltech, the Norwegian company behind the Qt C++ user interface library (as used in Linux desktop KDE and numerous multi-platform applications including Google Earth and the client) and the Qtopia mobile user interface platform. Nokia has pledged to continue the development of Trolltech's software and its commitment to open source, and this step could give it more of a foothold in the Linux mobile phone market. The future for Nokia's own Maemo toolkit (based on Linux and rival user interface library GTK) looks less certain.

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A preview of what to expect in Qt 4; the new Qt toolkit will have better multiplatform support, a new paint engine and text engine (with proper font kerning), a neater API (with nifty container classes, Java-like iterators, and a more property-based API that's easier to bind to other languages), and will produce smaller, faster, more efficient code. TrollTech are positioning it to compete with Sun's Java as a multiplatform widget set.

(I hope the thing about easier bindings makes it easier to interface it with Python; I mean, PyQt works reasonably well, except when it fails to compile, as was the case on a Solaris system I was working on. After attempting to recompile everything, including Python and Qt, but still failing to get it working, I gave up and rewrote the project in Java.)

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MacOS X geek-out: Qt is now available for MacOS X. Mind you, there's no X11-style free licence. Meanwhile, Apple say they have ported Tk to MacOS X. Which means that Tkinter may soon be available to Python scripts running on OSX.

Now hopefully someone will get around to writing a Gtk backend for Quartz (the MacOS X windowing/drawing mechanism). (There are already backends for Win32 and frame buffers, so it shouldn't be impossible.) Then it will be possible to run GIMP on MacOS X without an X server.

Another thing I'd like to see would be some Python bindings to Cocoa/AppKit. (Given the nature of the Objective C runtime, it may be doable.)

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