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The Skeptic's Dictionary, an encyclopædia of fringe beliefs, bizarre ideas and logical fallacies (and a few sensible ideas too). If you were wondering about therapeutic trepanation, the Hollow Earth theory, or identifying vinyl records by sight or that hundredth-monkey phenomenon the true believer in your life keeps citing to show how pitifully limited science is, and thus justify (Creationism/urine therapy/their telepathic poodle's past-life experiences), it's all here, along with the skinny on what's really going on.

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Two men have been arrested in Utah for performing trepanations without a license: (APBNews)

Halvorson arranged to have a 20/20 crew tape the procedure, and, on Jan. 22, Halvorson and a group of young people met with 20/20 reporter Chris Cuomo and a camera crew in Las Vegas, court papers stated... The young people were interested in having trephinations performed for a variety of reasons, including to treat depression and to "get high," according to court records.

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