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Tristan Da Cunha, in the southern Atlantic Ocean, the world's most remote inhabited island and one of the few remaining parts of the British Empire, now has a postcode. The island's Royal Mail postcode is TDCU 1ZZ. The governor has since received a parcel from, sent to commemorate the island's new postcode.

Curiously enough, while the island is served by Britain's domestic postal system, mail sent there is first sent to South Africa, a foreign country, where it is placed aboard a fishing boat, the total journey taking up to a month. (Tristan Da Cunha is not reachable by air, for lack of an airstrip.) Which means that either (a) it is one of very few British domestic destinations to which mail has to go through customs, or (b) this is a loophole which allows parcels to travel between Britain and South Africa without customs clearance.

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One of the last remnants of the British Empire, Tristan da Cunha is a small, isolated island in the South Atlantic, halfway between Africa and South America. It has no airport and is visited by passenger ships once every six months or so. However, it now has an online newspaper.

Among other things, it reveals that Tristanians now can send emails off the island, though each one costs a day's wage. Then there are also some nice, if small, photographs of the island.

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