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As rising oil prices bite, people are talking about moving to a 4-day work week to reduce fuel consumption. The idea has been tried in Utah, but as befits a conservative Mormon state in the US whose emblem is the beehive, it didn't result in an extra day of leisure time, but rather four 10-hour workdays. Nonetheless, the results have been promising, and the experiment has proven popular, with 82% of participants preferring to stick with it:

"If employees are on the road 20 percent less, and office buildings are only powered four days a week," Langmaid says, "the energy savings and congestion savings would be enormous." Plus, the hour shift for the Monday through Thursday workers means fewer commuters during the traditional rush hours, speeding travel for all. It also means less time spent idling in traffic and therefore less spewing of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. The 9-to-5 crowd also gets the benefit of extended hours at the DMV and other state agencies that adopt the four-day schedule.

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Two men have been arrested in Utah for performing trepanations without a license: (APBNews)

Halvorson arranged to have a 20/20 crew tape the procedure, and, on Jan. 22, Halvorson and a group of young people met with 20/20 reporter Chris Cuomo and a camera crew in Las Vegas, court papers stated... The young people were interested in having trephinations performed for a variety of reasons, including to treat depression and to "get high," according to court records.

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