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Poly Styrene, the frontwoman of seminal 1970s teenage punk band X-Ray Specs, has passed away, aged 53. Styrene (real name: Marianne Elliot-Said) turned to punk rock in 1976, and managed to not only question the norms of bourgeois society and the modern condition but to subvert the macho orthodoxies of punk rock, and inspired a few generations of outspoken female rock'n'roll artists; were it not for her, punk would have been a less interesting phenomenon.

Styrene had finished a solo album, Generation Indigo, last year when she was diagnosed with cancer. There is an interview she did with the Guardian a month ago here.

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British scientists have developed a camera which can see through things. The camera picks up extremely high-frequency "terahertz waves" emitted by all objects. The project cost £400,000, but the developers believe the costs can be brought down drastically:

"If it were mass-produced, there is no reason why it could not be available for a cost similar to that of a digital camera."

So, thanks to the wonder of modern technology, those "X-ray specs" you may have seen advertised in old comic books may soon be a reality. (via

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