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Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe's latest outrage against the former British Empire: holding hostage the lost episodes of Doctor Who. Perhaps.

Currently, 108 out of the show's initial 752 episodes are still missing, and according to British newspaper the Sun, some of them may be found in Zimbabwe. The reasoning behind this unexpected announcement comes from two disparate facts. Firstly, the country purchased the first season of Doctor Who for transmission in the mid-60s. Secondly, the BBC have never been able to visit the country to find out exactly what tapes the Zimbabwean broadcasters actually possess, thanks to President Robert Mugabe banning all BBC personnel from entering the country at the beginning of this century. According to British newspaper the Sun, a BBC source explained,
Of course, that's assuming that the Zimbabwean state broadcaster didn't recycle the tapes in the way that the BBC did, or they weren't otherwise lost.

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The US and its colonies allies aren't the only countries declaring war on terrorism; Zimbabwe is as well. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe has wholeheartedly taken up the fight against terrorism, and is introducing laws bringing in the death penalty for terrorism and criminalising criticism of the President (after all, this is not a time for division or disunity in the face of terror). This move comes days after describing white farmers and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change as terrorists.

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