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psychoceramics: Grace Kelly and The Conspiracy

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Rainier Outraged By Scandalous TV Report That . . . Princess Grace Was A 
Sex-Cult Priestess

Prince Rainier of Monaco is furiously denying an investigation that 
claims Princess Grace was a secret priestess in a bizarre sex cult!

Grace joined the Order of the Solar Temple just months before her death 
in 1982, according to a blockbuster TV documentary.

They say she stripped and underwent a sexual initiation ceremony -- and 
she handed over more than $9 million before she eventually turned 
against the cult's charismatic leader shortly before she died following 
a car accident.

"Grace was a woman of many secrets," said TV producer David Cohen, who 
spent a year investigating the cult. "Her lovers are only one aspect of 
the story. She was an extremely religious woman -- and it was her search 
for spirituality that delivered her to the Order of the Solar Temple."

Prince Rainier "is furious about these claims," a Monaco insider told 

"He thinks it's all just sensational rubbish to grab TV ratings and a 
cheap shot at somebody who can't answer back," the insider said.

"He's convinced it never happened, and he is sure she couldn't have 
given them so much money without him knowing. Prince Rainier is going to 
make sure this program is never shown in Monaco."

The cult became notorious three years ago after 69 members in Canada and 
Europe died in an apparent mass suicide, which now is being probed as 
mass murder.

According to the program, Grace was not alone among the European upper 
class duped by the Solar Temple. Many rich and powerful people in Monaco 
and Europe were lured to join and then conned out of money by cult 
leader Joseph di Mambro.

They were told the Order gave them special access to God during 
ceremonies that involved part- Catholic, part-mystic mumbo jumbo.

Di Mambro convinced his recruits he was in touch with 33 spiritual 
masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas. He also told 
followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints.

Producers for the program -- to be aired in Britain this month -- say 
their evidence comes from interviews with the cult leader's 
chauffeur/security guard and an acupuncturist who stripped and prepared 
Grace for the initiation ceremony.

When the Princess arrived at the ancient church in the South of France 
for the rite, she was "frightened and apprehensive" at first.

But she was sexually aroused by the acupuncturist, then given a drugged 
drink before being told to lie on a huge round altar in the church's 
crypt during the ceremony.

One of the cult's top leaders, Luc Jouret, then declared her a "High
Priestess of the Order."

She was asked to donate $10 million. She paid $9 million, but soon had
second thoughts.

Cohen said, "The notion of somebody as loved and respected as Princess 
Grace joining a cult -- after undergoing the sexually loaded initiation 
ceremony -- was hard to believe when we first stumbled across her secret 
two years ago."

Despite Prince Rainier's strong denials, Cohen said he is convinced the 
story is true.

Cohen claims Grace fought with di Mambro when she demanded her money 
back, threatening to expose him as a fraud. Then she died.

"Her attitude frightened di Mambro," Cohen said. "It draws attention to 
the mysterious circumstances of her death."


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