Obligatory picture of my cat.

This is one of those personal homepage things. Remember those? It's what people had in the 1990s, where they posted lists of books/movies/bands they liked and photos of their cat over varyingly garish backgrounds. Then came along blogs and Friendster and MySpace and such and personal homepages fell out of fashion. Anyway, I'm being rather unfashionable (or perhaps daringly retro) and reviving them, for the simple reason of having a central page relating to myself.

Obligatory summary

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I currently reside in London, UK.

I have been working in IT, with Linux, Python, C/C++ and web technologies, both professionally and otherwise.

I have also been known to DJ (mostly in an indieish direction, and no, that doesn't mean The Killers or Razorlight), make music (using software), take photographs (some of which have been exhibited); I used to design fonts, though haven't done so for some years.

Net presence

Places online I contribute to (in varying amounts) include:

I also have a Facebook page, though don't friend anyone I don't know personally.