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Innovations in guerilla advertising

Shopkeepers in Russia have discovered an innovative advertising medium: the sides of stray dogs. They lure the dogs with meat, paint their shop's logo (as well as those of any brands they stock) on their sides and release them; the hapless, half-starved animals then wander around like walking billboards, until they're caught and repainted by a rival shop.

Well, at least it must be less obnoxious than those big black trucks with huge-arse billboards, usually advertising some lifestyle product for unsubtle gimboids, driving around in fleets of three and spewing diesel fumes into the air, as some sort of cocky, defiant fuck-you to all the oxygen-breathing bystanders ("hey, try ignoring this, motherfuckers!"). Are there really large demographic groups who choose to consume a certain brand because the manufacturer cares enough to pay someone to spew carbon monoxide into their air?

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Posted by: Peter Mon Sep 23 13:19:45 2002

I'm glad someone else hates those motherfuckers too! Any company that gets people to drive around all day, contributing to climate change for the <i>sole</i> purpose of advertising their product deserves my utter contempt.

Posted by: Peter Mon Sep 23 13:20:35 2002

Oops. Markup? schmarkup.

Posted by: csmole Tue Sep 24 01:31:12 2002

Of course there is! Us consumers are mindless, mindless sheep. I'm sitting here drinking my Coca-Cola(tm) which I didn't really want...but the sign said I must....AND YOU DON'T FUCK WITH THE SIGN. Of course, after all this is rammed down my throat, I'll eventually have go spew in my Fowlerware(tm, also) toilet....which the sign -also- told me to buy!

Posted by: tC http:// Wed Sep 25 07:36:24 2002

Whoa. I'm impressed. You can't beat a country like this. Ever. :)))

tC, a Russian guy ;)

Posted by: billy http:// Fri Sep 27 18:20:12 2002

that's a good idea.

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