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"a rude or uncivilized person"

According to a recent A Word A Day a "goth" is "a rude or uncivilized person". So it's synonymous with "mook" then?

(Which other youth subcultures are named after words for disagreeable people? There's punk, for one.)

(Thanks to Cos)

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Posted by: drtwist http:// Fri Jan 24 02:55:50 2003

I think that "goth" refers more to "gothic" rather than the tribal definition

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 24 03:17:20 2003

The term "goth" was coined as a pejorative by some music journalist reviewing Bauhaus or someone back in the early 80s.

Mind you, the term "gothic" for architecture was coined as a pejorative to describe the jarring (and some said barbaric) departure from the conventions of romanesque architecture.

Posted by: Ben Fri Jan 24 06:15:14 2003

Hmmm. What about the 'Vandals'?

Posted by: Graham Fri Jan 24 06:56:06 2003

Let's see, it was the Goths, Visigoths, and Vandals that sacked Rome. I have a feeling I'm missing a tribe tho'.

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 24 07:01:43 2003

There's a Southern Californian (?) punk band named The Vandals. They're best known for having people like SHAG and Paul Frank do their album covers.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jan 24 11:28:28 2003

And of course who could forget Nancy Vandal and the Popgun Assassins?