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"The world's most dangerously subversive band"

Apparently the third Black Box Recorder album, Passionoia, is out, at least in the civilised world. No word on an Australian release date yet; though I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Wide was spinning it on 3RRR. I'll have to get it. (It's out on One Little Indian (Björk's label) in the UK; not sure about other territories, though Jetset may still be doing their US releases.)

Oddly enough, the first I heard about it was that Sarah Nixey was featured in Playboy's "b4b3z of indie rock" poll (via Rocknerd). I guess they need some filler to run before they do a "Women of Newly Liberated Iraq" feature or something.

There are 2 comments on ""The world's most dangerously subversive band"":

Posted by: Alex http:// Tue Apr 29 13:06:40 2003

Ha ha, you read Playboy for the articles!

Posted by: acb Tue Apr 29 13:11:34 2003

I don't normally read it, unless it's blogged from somewhere. (Did you really think I'd have such pink taste in pr0n?)

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