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Clearing out the blogjam

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Posted by: Jim Wed Feb 4 09:51:45 2004

Trillian *is* a brilliant scientist. She's a highly trained astrophysicist. At least she is in the radio series and books.. "beautiful, charming, devastatingly intelligent." One degree in maths and another in astrophysics. Just a shame they cast bloody Sandra "Squeaky" Dickinson in the TV show.

Posted by: acb Wed Feb 4 10:12:39 2004

Did she do any brilliant scientific feats in the books/radio series, though, or was all that incidental to the plot?

Posted by: mark Fri Feb 6 13:18:43 2004

I think it was just in there to make her seem like more of a catch (and therefore Arthur more disappointed). And of course because the apparent uselessness of such prestigious degrees as she had was funny.

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 6 13:50:51 2004

Of course, the yanks will undoubtedly make her all "proactive", probably writing in a scene where she saves Arthur and Ford's asses from the CGI vl'hurgs or whatever.

Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 6 14:11:09 2004

Given Hollywood's track record in trashing cult mythoses into glorpitude, I can't say my hopes are high for this.

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 6 14:46:07 2004

Everywhere, goths and fanboys are breathing a sigh of relief that Warner Brothers never got around to making their Sandman film. You know, the one with Dream as a dark, brooding superhero battling the evil Corinthian, and being saved by the love of the lead actress's character.

(Btw, isn't the plural of mythos "mythoi"?)

Posted by: Graham Sat Feb 7 00:33:14 2004

(Checks M-W) Ah yeah. You learn something new everyday.

Posted by: Ben Sat Feb 7 02:28:34 2004

Well let's see how it compares to:

The Judge Dredd movie The Doctor Who movie

Posted by: Graham Sat Feb 7 13:29:43 2004

Judge Dredd was kind of trashy, though. My cousin used to have a lot of 2000AD comics.

Posted by: Ben http:// Sun Feb 8 23:13:56 2004

I still have a lot of 2000 AD comics. In fact im catching up on about 3 months worth because I misplaced a couple of issues (since found) and didn't want to lose the continuity!

I've heard the new Judge Dredd vs Death game is pretty good, but I rarely play PC games these days.