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Remington Super 60

Band discovery of the day: Remington Super 60. They're a Norwegian electronic/indiepop outfit, and sound somewhere between Spearmint, the Beach Boys and Lacto-Ovo, with perhaps a bit of Röyksopp in the mix somewhere. Lots of nice 7th chords, warbly synths, vocal harmonies and the occasional 1980s-video-game bleeps. They also have an album out as Nice System, and a remix EP with some unusual remixers (gothtekkno heavy-hitters Apoptygma Berzerk are one, and Solex is another).

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Posted by: steff http:// Thu Nov 18 23:06:40 2004

This band looks lovely. Will try to find some of their stuff. Hmm, gaslight i guess. cheers for this

Posted by: acb Fri Nov 19 18:09:01 2004

Or perhaps have a word with Leigh at