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Dschingis Khan

Eurovision flashback of the day; check out the funky costumes, headgear and facial hair; they're like something from some roller-disco in outer space. Apparently they're the ones who did that "Moskau" song too.

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Posted by: Arthur Sat Jan 29 06:01:30 2005

<em>did that "Moskau" song too.</em>

Great. I guess I'm from that generation: I only need to see that picture to make me automatically sing that 'Moskau' song.

Posted by: steff http:// Sat Jan 29 22:43:52 2005

They did. Moskau, Moskau, schmeiss die Glaeser an die Wand, Russland ist ein schoenes LAnd, ho-ho, ho-ho ho HO!!! My brother and I are prone to singing these lines whenever strikes us as particularly worthy or daft.

Now: will there be anyone to commemorate Bucks Fizz ???

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