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Filled with the holy spirit

As expected, America's religiots are making hay of Hurricane Katrina. A "pro-life" group claims that the hurricane is God's wrath on America for allowing abortion, taking as their proof the fact that the hurricane looked vaguely foetus-like in some satellite images. And an evangelical Christian group is claiming that God sent the hurricane to stop a gay festival due to take place in New Orleans. Meanwhile, holy man Rev. Fred Phelps has his predictable hate-on over recent events; you can almost feel the spittle flying from the screen as he calls the faithful to pray for more dead bodies floating on the santorum-rancid waters of New Orleans, not to mention for US soldiers to be killed in Iraq because America is an "evil fag nation".

Soon, I imagine, statements will appear on at least two Islamist websites from hitherto-unknown al-Qaeda franchises claiming responsibility for this daring strike into the very heart of the Zionist-Crusader Infidel.

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Posted by: memphet Thu Sep 1 02:44:56 2005

my friend's cloudbuster is responsible for this fiasco!

Posted by: Graham Thu Sep 1 02:50:27 2005

Yep, that'd be why the hurricane wiped out a number of bible-belt towns as well. Idjuts.

Posted by: amby http:// Thu Sep 1 05:28:32 2005

I think it's more to punish the arrogance of humanity denying the self evident truth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I mean, doesn't it look like a meatball to you?

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 1 10:16:35 2005

There are always more Bible-belt towns, and Biloxi was hardly the Mecca of Jesusland. New Orleans, however, will probably be spoken of on satellite radio as the Gomorrah of the south for years to come, thanks to their lewd, licentious Mardi Gras, abortion clinics, marihuana and jazz music encouraging white women to have sexual congress with Negroes, and so on.

Didn't they say the same sorts of things about the San Francisco earthquake some 100 years earlier?

Posted by: memphet Fri Sep 2 05:22:48 2005

everything looks like a meatball to me. is why i am unable to rest at night cannot be found any other way.

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