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"He's Udderly Cool"

Could this be a new record for concentrated stupidity on an advertising poster?
That's right: a male cow. Either:

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Posted by: arthur Sun Nov 12 10:25:08 2006

You left out d) that the immoral, Godless Hollywood wants to advance the homosexual agenda by feminising male animals.

Posted by: pilgrim Sun Nov 12 11:22:59 2006

There is a precedent. In the mid-90s, there was an ad campaign for Boddington's (a newly plasticised version of what had once been a fairly decent beer) which featured an animated male cow. They were pretty funny, actually. Example:

Posted by: acb Sun Nov 12 13:27:13 2006

Or maybe the studio deliberately emphasised the maleness of the cow as to avoid the various Falwells of Middle America calling for boycotts of their "lesbian-biker-cow" film?