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Réseaux sociaux: des audiences différentes selon les continents

French broadsheet Le Monde has published a map of the popularity of various social network sites across the world. This map reveals that MySpace dominates in the USA and Australia, whereas the UK, Canada and Norway prefer Facebook. Which brings to mind the statistics about average IQs of countries, which place the UK's average at 100 and the US and Australia's at 98.

Interestingly enough, the chart lists LiveJournal as a Russian website, despite the fact that it began in, and operates out of, the US, though Russia has been a significant market for it and is now owned by a Russian concern.

There are 3 comments on "Réseaux sociaux: des audiences différentes selon les continents":

Posted by: threeze Fri Feb 29 09:52:09 2008

Six Apart sold off LiveJournal last December:

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 29 10:20:01 2008

I am aware of this. See the text of the blog post above.

LJ headquarters is still in San Francisco, though, and the company is under US management.

Posted by: threeze Mon Mar 3 11:30:21 2008

I promise to read every line before posting x 100.

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