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Atheist Bus Campaign

Atheist and Guardian blogger Ariane Sherine took offense at those ads religious groups have on the sides of buses, and decided to start a campaign to put a similar atheistic ad on buses in London. After some wrangling with advertising companies (who were reluctant), one has agreed to run the ad (which reads "There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life"; I think Douglas Adams would have approved, don't you?) if their sponsors can raise £1,100. As such, Sherine is looking for 1,100 atheists, agnostics or fellow travellers to pledge £5 each.

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Posted by: Greg Wed Oct 8 00:01:57 2008

That sounds hedonistic and so plays into the hands of pro-religion. I'd be more inclined to something like "There's probably no god. You'll have to learn to live with each other regardless."

Posted by: gusset Wed Oct 8 11:16:36 2008

That article in from June and the pledge page is closed. Shame. I got all excited for a moment.

Posted by: acb Wed Oct 8 13:16:12 2008

The Facebook page is open; apparently Ariane is taking pledges herself, or will be from the 21st.

Posted by: gusset Thu Oct 9 09:08:28 2008

Ah yes, couldn't see the Facebook page from work. Makes sense now. I hope this happens, I will pledge when it's running.

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