dermiv is a Python script for converting sound sample files from the Linplug RMIV drum machine softsynth's proprietary format to standard AIFF. You may wish to do this in order to export sounds from your RMIV drum kits for use in other software, such as, for example, Ableton Live's Drum Rack, or for use in hardware sample players that accept AIFF files. This makes it possible to convert these sample files in bulk much more quickly than by playing and rerecording them. Being a command-line script, dermiv can be used in shell scripts to convert multiple files.

Note that dermiv does not convert or otherwise handle the RMIV drum kits, but only converts the separate sample files (i.e., the ones with names ending in .D4T). Typically, you would convert your sample files to .AIFF files and then load them individually into your new software. C'est la vie.


dermiv was written in Python on a MacOS X system, and should run out of the box on any UNIX-like system. Under MacOS X, dermiv should be run from the UNIX command line, which can be accessed using Terminal.

dermiv should run under Windows, if you have Python installed, though has not been tested there. If you wish to run this under Windows, you are on your own. Good luck.

dermiv is a command-line program, and will probably always remain one. It is a fairly simple program, and if you wish to integrate it into your own software, you are welcome to use the source code, provided you follow the GNU General Public Licence in doing so.

Converting one file:
dermiv DrumMachines/TR-808Samples/808Snare1.D4T converted/808sd1.aif
Converting a file, downmixing it to mono:
dermiv -m LowConga.D4T LowConga-mono.aiff
Using a UNIX-like shell, dermiv can be automated to quickly convert all the samples in a directory, like so:
for sam in DrumMachines/TR-606Samples/*.D4T
    dermiv $sam ConvertedSamples/TR-606/`basename $sam .D4T`.aif
Version history:
GPL 2 or later
The author accepts no liability for any actions arising from use, misuse, abuse or failure to use this program.
Andrew Bulhak