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psychoceramics: Spotlight: DrGod vs. the Usenet Cabal

If you look in alt.usenet.kooks, alt.censorship, news.admin.censorship and
a few other groups, you will see an interesting battle playing out.  
Briefly, a person named John Grubor but better known as "DrGod", "Manus",
"DrGodFuck" and various other things, who has been ranting and raving
on various newsgroups, is convinced that there is a Usenet Cabal, a 
conspiracy to silence him using something known as the Global Killfile
(a fictional device invented by Joel Furr, I believe).  To whit, he has
threatened to sue each and every Internet provider for being part of this

Below is an excerpt from a Web page on DrGod which may appear on the
Psychoceramics site:

One person described him as "a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Pope
Sterno"; others compare him to Rush Limbaugh.  Grubor posts rants to 
various newsgroups; his topics include fantastic claims about his own 
accomplishments (he has at times claimed to be a trained ninja killer,
a celebrity, a senator and various other things), his opinions (he
favours legalising medical marijuana but pursuing a war on other drugs
with renewed zeal), ad hominem attacks against real or perceived opponents 
(calling them "punks", "assholes" and "hard drug pushers", among other 
things) and his advocacy of old-fashioned machismo above all.  His writings 
are peppered with gratuitous foul language, sexism, homophobia and
spontaneous verbal abuse.

Below are selected DrGod quotes (from the "kooks" fortune file I'm 

you are correct, I am the most perfect representation of a true
American thet ever existed. Middle of the road extremist 100% military
macho man with management psychology law & systems expertise that is
not appropriately represented by this group until we finish the
Didactical necessities involved in defining and eliminating the
gnosis factor, which will become history.
                        -- John "DrGod" Grubor
"I mean, come on motherfucker -- there is not a man in this world that
could kick my ass!  I was a paid professional killer for the U.S. Army in
Viet-Nam, and I killed eight motherfuckers with my bare hands!  I am a
paid professional Koga Ninja who was killing people on the kusari squad
in 1967! -- before you were born motherfucker!  Ha!  Ha!"
                        -- DrGod/manus, Lordly Master of the MouthPiece,
                           showman/ninja killer/lawyer/senator/kook
"You do not need to clone John Grubor any more.  He already has eight kids,
three wives and ten girlfriends addicted to his sperm.  In another 20 years,
ALL of the earth will be covered with his MACHO MAN DICK SQUIRTS!"
                        -- John Grubor/DrGod/manus, "Lordly Master of the
                           MouthPiece", showman/ninja killer/lawyer/kook
The new rules of the internet are going to be that everybody has
to be classified with gate logic (boolean) as either a *cunt*, *cock*
or a *kid*, and ALSO identify their sex and sexual orientation.
          -- John Grubor/DrGod/manus, "Lordly Master of the
             MouthPiece", showman/ninja killer/lawyer/kook
offensive postings get much more attention than meandering dribble. .
obscenity is the highest form of prose.
          -- John Grubor/DrGod/manus, "Lordly Master of the
             MouthPiece", showman/ninja killer/lawyer/kook
I am the baddest mouthpiece to ever Graduate from
that LawSchool.  NorthSide boy here, 100% a "mother-fucker"
from Federal Street.  And you want to censor my northside
mouthpiece?  I am running for Sheriff of Allegheny County
next year.  Be sure to vote for me.  I have the keys to
eliminating gangs, hard drugs and violence from our streets
here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the cleanest, safest city
in the World. This is the NEW capital of the Internet!
                        -- John "DrGod" Grubor
YES! UseNet is a Disaster! It is a product of a bunch of
stupid hippy nerd gook dweebs who have created the biggest
failure in history!
                        -- John "DrGod/manus" Grubor, Lordly Master of the
                           MouthPiece, showman/ninja killer/lawyer/senator/kook
I AM the worlds most perfect person, you know.
Two 4.00 degrees and a Doctorate in Jurisprudential Psychology.
Just WAIT untill you hear the VOICE!  I have the baddest voice on
earth!  Now this is all a show Dear, so don't cramp my style.
My InterNet Producers are out in California.

DrGodFuck  <- stage name
                        -- John "DrGod/manus" Grubor, Lordly Master of the
                           MouthPiece, showman/ninja killer/lawyer/senator/kook
"I have a "reputation" of "singlehandedly bringing these NewsGroups to
 their knees."  More and more groups drop for blowjobs every day!"
                        -- John "DrGod" Grubor

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