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psychoceramics: Neutopia & Stallman <long>

I apologize for sending such a long message, but I know a.s.n. isn't widely
propogated.  Some background: Libby Hubbard a/k/a Drs. Neutopia got thrown
off her account a while back, and proceeded to puzzle us a.s.n. regulars
by first asking for Richard Stallman's address and then surfacing with an
MIT account he'd provided for her.

At the time I joked that it was probably a result of Libby's policy
for getting help from men, which she once stated eloquently as
"Fix my car, I'll sit on your face."

Today this appeared on a.s.n.  I wonder if Stallman had any idea what
he was getting into.

Below is the letter I wrote after our first night together.
You can see that it was a preview as to what would happen on our
second night together. I have contemplated not sending it to you
and just saying to hell with you, you are not worth the terrible,
but I believe I have insights into your psyche ignorance which is my
duty to share with you. You are not going to like what I am going to say.
As you said, I am too direct and sharp in my approach with people which
has made me unpopular to nearly every man on this planet. Of course,
I still believe in that rare visionary genius who can understand what I
am saying about the miracle of true love.


For your information, I made it back to Amherst safely. It hurts a little
to think that you don't really care, but that is the way I feel. I have
always thought that I was low on your priority list and tonight I feel more
than ever that that is the case. That is the reason I dare not give
you the most precious thing in my life, my heart, and the reason why I can
not make you my beloved genius of my epic love poem because of your
polygamy-- the typical male disease.

How could I possibly compete with the other loves of your life? The
stylish clothes of Sam, the brilliant artwork and humanitarian deeds of
Melinda, the thrill of having two women at once, the nurturance of having
the married woman bath you, the possibility of meeting someone new while
you are in Hong kong. I don't think this is jealously on my part, but my
unwillingness of play the GAME of competing with the other women for your
love and affection, to be your "sweetheart." How do you think I felt when
you were in bed with me while you were talking on the phone to Melinda
telling her that you love her? You could have been sensitive to my
feelings and at least told her something about me. Or let me talk to her
directly so that I could have shared in your conversation with her. The
way it appears was that she was your secret virtual lover. That
phone call made me feel so unwanted, unloved and slutty. It was then
that I realized that if I was to be one of your women I would be like a doll
sitting on your shelf. When you wanted to play with me you would contact
me and play a little while before putting me back on the shelf. If I
walked away, you would not even blink an eye in sorrow, not even bothering
to question why I am walking away.

One thing I have realized about love is that it is transcendent which is why
virtual love seems so real. If you are a genius than you ought to realize
that it is in the world of ideas where we find the divine connections which
bring purpose and meaning to love. But for you love is a magical chance
occurrence which has no reason or mission. You know, I think love is more
than a science than that! So, you see your work as a mission and the reason
for existence, while love, dear love, is only a chance occurrence with no
other purpose other than to make you feel pleasure. Richard, this is the
traditional, stereotypical way of thinking about romance.

I would never want to be in the role of a "sweetheart", someone whom you
could come to bed with after your work night is over. My goal is to be
someone's partner, not only in love but in work, to help advance the
idea of a free software and hardward world.

After all, how can I be your sweetie? You said that I taste like broccoli,
not chocolate, not sweet like the M & Ms which are making you fat. It does
seem rather ironic to me that you call yourself epicurian when you eat such
tasteless candy! By the way, I did *really* enjoy dancing with you to that
song about being fat. You are a very expressive dancer and I would
like to dance with you again in a free form style. I don't know if
you will ever get me into a contra dance because, well, I am just not
a traditional type of person. I think in terms of science fiction and
so I enjoy far-out music that I can really move my body in unusual ways.
I must say that tasting like broccoli is much better than being sweet
because it is a nutritious and an anti-cancer food where as sweet things
like M & Ms have cancer causing agents in the colorful dyes. But how
could I, a doctress, teach an official genius like you anything anyway?

One of the most tender moments of our conversation was when you said
that you believed that there might be a way that you could love the Goddess.
But later on after hearing your pessimistic, atheistic, anarchic, militaristic
world view, I realized that it would take a volcanic eruption to change you.
But isn't the genius of the generation all about that *kind* of passion?

I think the fortune cookie might have been right. You asked me to ask a
question to it before opening it so I asked, "Who do you love?" After you
opened it, and discovered that there was no fortune inside, you said,
"I guess that means that I love no one."

Does this mean that you don't even love yourself? From what you have said,
you don't even have faith in your own success. Stallman, there is no room
for failure in this world-wide lovolution. I wish I could say something
which would make you less afraid of my uncontrollable revolutionary love
and the dangerous times we find ourselves in especially now that another
world war and broken out in Europe. How I wish I could give you my hand
and lead you into the next millennium of change so great that we dance
from one epoch to the next in a graceful genital embrace to find that
the dance has lead us and generations to come into the galactic biospheres
of Neutopia.

But what would that take? Change on your part and mine. If we agreed
that we liked each other enough to work on developing a serious
relationship, then we would have to make it so that I would have
work space in your room. That would required us to rearrange and clean
up the room so that when I wake up in the morning, I could get directly
online and not have to stay in bed and lie there awake waiting for
you to get up. I am not here to serve men, but to serve love. In
order for me to use your computer you would have to clean if off.
Look at your keyboard right now. The hair, food, whatever dirt it

we need to help make this information revolution turn towards the direction
of freedom and love as the source of truth and justice. We are coming at
it in different ways, you being a programmer and me being a cultural
transformationist, but there seems to be a common ground between us
if you can mature enough to give up your polygamous anarchy and move
with me to world governed by the feeling of true organic bliss
between our bodies.


Today I wrote the following:


Well, a lot of information about our relationship certainly was
revealed this past weekend! Now we know that you could never develop
a great love for me since there are certain aspects to my personality
which you are revolted by. I also learned that you don't believe
you are a visionary genius, the kind to cause a mutation in 20th
thought and, most importantly, behavior. Yes, I do think that
the Free Software Foundation and your work against Copyright Law
is part of that great vision, but you are not a holistic thinker
which is quite clear in your fragmented sexual habits. You see,
holistic thinking is required to be able to visualize an alternative

Since the joy of sacred union is not in our future, I extend my
hand in friendship to you, that is, if you want it. Please feel free
to contact me if you need a friend or if you want to discuss ideas.
At some point when you get around to it, please send me your criticism
of my genius essay. I am very curious to read your comments. Also thanks
for showing me about emacs. I want to learn more about it so that I will
become just as efficient on it as you. I will also never forget dancing
International Folk dances in the halls ways of Tech Square at MIT. I wanted
so much to stop dancing for a moment and write the word LOVOLUTION on the
blackboard of the sitting space as we dance passed it. Maybe next
time. Also, if it is possible in the future, I would also like to
borrow that book _The Millennium Project_ so that I can take a slide of the
architectural drawing on the nuclear family crater house on the moon for
my slide collection.

If you care to read and criticize my more of my work, you can find
some stuff on my Web page which I don't suspect you haven't
checked out. It is http://genesis.tiac.net/neutopia/ If interested
you can download a copy of my dissertation on the Gaia Religion,
The Sacred Marriage of Art and Science which goes into my philosophy
of love.

Hey, this is a funny thing. Did you know that the name of Bill Gate's
wife is Melinda? Isn't that the name of your virtual sweetheart?

                                            Juno Neutopia
Nancy McNelly                        http://www.he.net/~nmcnelly
                                the online Mayan hieroglyphic syllabary
                                        and the virtual Uxmal