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psychoceramics: Spy dog tells all

The following is a fairly standard paranoid right-wing conspiracy rant, but
is notable in that the top secret high-level "source" communicates under the
name of a dog.  I guess there's no point worrying about credibility if your
words speak for themselves!  I especially like the part about the cover-up
of flared tempers at a Washington party, and the nefarious conclusions drawn


Date:    Mon, 1 Jan 1996 03:17:07 -0500
From:    "P. Jefferson Quinton" <jquinton @ CS1.PRESBY.EDU>
Subject: The Still Before the Storm

   Media Bypass - December 1995

   By all appearances, things are business as usual in Washington. There
   is the traditional budget bickering this time of the year, the
   partisan sniping and the backstabbing among Republican presidential
   hopefuls angling for pole position next year. Meanwhile, President
   Clinton and his ambitious wife manage to hold a comfortable approval
   rating in the polls, enjoy favorable press and seemingly have managed
   to shrug off persistent "Whitewater" allegations that have dogged his

   But don't be lulled by the mainstream media, which has been hard at
   work pooh-poohing these corruption charges and doubts about the
   official "suicide" of former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W.
   Foster. This is just the eerie still before a storm. A hurricane lurks
   just over the horizon. Thunderheads are gathering and looming darker.
   Distant lightning can be seen but not yet heard. Straws are starting
   to blow in the wind.

   This government may be on the threshold of upheaval unprecedented
   since the Civil War. That is the cryptic message coming from multiple
   well-connected sources close to the intelligence community, who say
   big things are quietly afoot that could fundamentally shuffle this
   country's political deck. And that may be just fine with Speaker of
   the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who sources say is quietly
   maneuvering to use this impending turmoil not just to "re-engineer
   government" but to purge both political parties and effect what
   amounts to a bloodless coupe d'etat.

   Swept away will be not only a raft of big-name Democratic senators and
   congressmen, but also many prominent, oldline Republicans who have
   been feeding at the trough of corruption for years. It won't stop with
   politicians, either. Prominent Wall Streeters, bureaucrats, military
   officers and a slew of intelligence bigshots are also said to be about
   to take a fall. Well over 300 names are said to be involved in the

   "Apocalypse soon!" predicts P.P. Willie.

   P.P. Willie is actually a dog. But it is also the pen name for a
   legendary World War II military intelligence veteran, now living in
   St. Petersburg, Fla., who writes for a semi-weekly newsletter called
   WASHINGTON REPORT. It is a pithy, irreverent Capitol gossip sheet with
   a penchant for pink paper. But it is read with considerable interest
   by its 5,000 subscribers - mostly in Washington and overseas - because
   Willie is known to be well-connected within the intelligent community.
   In the past he has been uncannily accurate about goings-on in the
   spook world. And times there now are very troubled.

   Willie's latest:

   "Remember reading about TEA POT DOME? How about WATERGATE? Then came
   IRAN-CONTRA. Not bad. All the past WASHINGTON political SCANDALS are
   ITTY BITTY compared to one that should surface next year, about early

   "You don't suppose a few GOOD GUYS in the CIA, FBI, IRS, and NSA (they
   are not many, but they exist) are fed up with tucking their tails and
   running in the face of WHITE HOUSE pressure? What if they went public
   manure pile? The MAJOR MEDIA would not want to embarrass the LIBERAL
   DARLINGS. But WHAT IF A LONDON newspaper and PINK newsletter broke the
   story? Talk RADIO would then spread the word across the nation...The
   odds are this scandal will break. We hear it's a DONE DEAL."

   Whispers of such a spilling of the beans are being heard from
   multiple, separate intelligence sources. Specifically, as reported in
   the August and October editions of MEDIA BYPASS, a small, vigilante
   team of CIA computer hackers dubbed the Fifth Column has managed to
   penetrate Swiss and other foreign banks to quietly withdraw what is
   now an astounding $2.5 billion in illicit money from coded accounts
   they have identified as belonging to government figures.

   Starting in 1991, this five-man Fifth Column team has been using its
   own Cray supercomputer to break into foreign bank computers, download
   vast libraries of data and trace this money to a wide range of illegal
   activities, from kickbacks on drug and arms deals to insider trading
   profits, software piracy and the sale of state secrets. Oh yes, don't
   forget tax evasion.

   The money has been moved to a U.S. Treasury holding account at several
   Federal Reserve Banks, escrowed for use by the CIA if and only if the
   CIA gets rid of its own bad apples. How could the government hide that
   much money, denying under Freedom of Information Act requests that it
   even exists? Just ask the National Reconnaissance Office, the
   government's spy satellite agency, which recently fessed up to having
   $1.7 billion stashed in secret accounts.

   More important then the money, however, are the NAMES. Who had these
   accounts? Are they still in office? Who has the list and the proof?
   Are they using this information to extort political blackmail? Will
   the bad guys be able to buy their way out of exposure? One thing is
   certain: Whoever controls this phantom roster of corrupt politicians
   and money men has this government's private parts in a tightening
   vise. One man who may know is Charles S. Hayes, an irascible Kentucky
   computer salvage dealer and recently-retired CIA contractor believed
   to be part of, or closely involved with, this Fifth Column.

   Hayes, corroborating P.P. Willie's report, does declare that all the
   names will come out. Eventually. "When we get good and ready," Hayes
   says. The Powers That Be can do little to stop him. Any move against
   the three remaining Fifth Column compatriots (one has died and another
   is disabled) would be certain to unleash the information in a flood.

   At least one big name has already been revealed: Vince Foster.
   Multiple sources say one of Foster's several Swiss accounts was raided
   just before his death of $2.73 million in proceeds from the sale of
   sensitive codes and other secrets to Israel's Mossad. Which may
   explain why the government is so anxious to portray Foster's death as
   a simple suicide. In reality, it could be the loose thread that
   unravels a massive tapestry of corruption.

   That suicide cover story is rapidly fraying, despite intense efforts
   by the White House and Washington establishment to hold it together.
   For instance, credible independent handwriting analysts concluded in
   late October that Foster's supposed suicide note is a forgery. Indeed,
   there are a number of recent tell-tale events that suggest that
   something very big is at hand. Among them:

   - CIA briefings. Beginning in late October, high-level CIA officials
   began sensitive one-on-one briefings with key members of Congress and
   those with intelligence committee assignments. No staff members are
   allowed. All parties are sworn to secrecy. Less than a dozen lawmakers
   are involved. The subject, according to two sources: Espionage
   activities of Vincent Foster and his alleged partner - First Lady
   Hillary Rodham Clinton - on behalf of Israel's Mossad and perhaps
   other foreign governments.

   The purpose of these briefings appears to be to prep key leaders for
   cataclysmic political events ahead, including the likely indictment
   and possible flight to a foreign country of the First Lady and what
   would surely be the inevitable removal of Bill Clinton from office.

   - Resignations. There has been an unusually large number of veteran
   congressmen and senators announcing their resignations, retirements or
   switching parties. Among them, Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), former chairman
   and now ranking minority member of the powerful Armed Services
   Committee. Another is Rep. Norman Minetta (D-Calif.), former chairman
   of the pork-laden House Transportation Committee. The official
   explanation: It's no fun now that the Republicans control Congress.

   But sources claim the real reason is that some of these departees have
   been quietly confronted with evidence that they took bribes or payoffs
   through Swiss or other offshore bank accounts. Rumor has it that about
   30 current members of the House and Senate ahve been identified as
   having such foreign slush-fund accounts and that Gingrich is trying to
   weed them out before the names become public.

   [Since this article was written, three more senators have announced
   their retirements. Schroeder of Colorado; Hatfield of Oregon; and
   Simpson of Wyoming. This is now the most retirements in Congress since
   1896. Jim Norman was on several radio talk shows recently stating that
   Schroeder and Hatfield have been presented with evidence of these
   secret Swiss accounts. The Simpson retirement was announced after
   these radio appearances- krc]

   - Curious denials. Multiple good sources have confirmed a report by
   veteran Washington correspondent Sarah McClendon that over the Labor
   Day weekend, Gingrich attended a "party" at the home of Vice President
   Al Gore that included Sen. Bill Bradley, Attorney General Janet Reno
   and some other prominent Democrats, after which Gore and Clinton had a
   shouting match.

   But everyone said to be involved in the meeting claims it never took
   place. Is it because Gingrich was there to deliver the bad news: a
   mountain of hard evidence of high-level corruption? Gingrich declines
   to be interviewed by MEDIA BYPASS.

   This Fifth Column team apparently began its work in the late 1980s.
   Their primary assignment was to break into foreign intelligence agency
   databases by a variety of physical and electronic means. But the main
   means of entry was via secret "back doors" programmed into the
   modified "PROMIS" tracking software which our government, under the
   direction of CIA spymaster William Casey, managed to market all over
   the globe, even to our enemies.

   This initial phase of the computer spy effort succeeded in downloading
   data from more than 50 foreign intelligence services, including the
   KGB, the Mossad and most of Europe's spy agencies, according to
   various CIA-related sources. Contrary to boastful claims by the FBI,
   this is apparently how Russian mole Aldrich Ames was identified as a
   double agent more than two years before his dramatic arrest in
   February 1994. Is is also how the CIA found out Foster was working for
   the Mossad, after learning that someone in our government was
   delivering highly sensitive computer codes to the Israelis; Foster had
   been a long-time handler of sensitive computer spy deals and covert
   money-laundering for the NSA (MEDIA BYPASS, Aug. 1995). Found along
   with Foster's name in the Mossad data base was that of Hillary
   Clinton, whose name also cropped up as an operative for at least two
   other European intelligence services, as yet unidentified.

   At the time of his death, MEDIA BYPASS has previously reported, Foster
   was under close counter-espionage surveillance involving members of
   the CIA, FBI, Secret Service as well as an IRS team. Two good sources
   say they have heard that Saudi Arabia also had agents surveilling
   Foster. He knew he was being investigated and was apparently under
   pressure to cop a plea to prevent the probe from bringing down others
   in the White House. The FBI apparently also knew that Foster's life
   was in danger: According to two reliable intelligence sources, on the
   day of his death, FBI agents used a pair of bomb-sniffing dogs to
   inspect Foster's Honda in the White House parking lot - and probably
   planted a transponder on the car so they could track the movements.

   White House videotapes of the parking lot, which would have shown that
   inspection, have allegedly disappeared, according to this intelligence
   source. But sources say the surveillance teams have still photos and
   videotapes of Foster's activities on the afternoon he died, July 20,
   1993, showing him entering an apartment. It is here that Foster was
   apparently killed, after a sexual encounter with a brownish-blond
   woman photographed leaving the apartment afterwards. Also
   photographed, these sources say, was the hit squad, apparently
   "assets" contracted by the Mossad but not including any agents of the
   Mossad itself. Foster's body was apparently rolled up in a rug and
   deposited at Fort Marcy Park - which is still closed to visitors as
   the FBI supposedly searches for the bullet that killed him.

   Doggedly, the White House and offical Washington, aided by a blinded
   mainstream press, continue to claim it was just a suicide, despite the
   seriously flawed and widely discredited report to that effect by
   original Whitewater Special Counsel Robert Fiske, and a cursory Senate

   Sources say it is the continuing coverup, now more than two years
   after Foster's death, and the brazen nature of Foster's assassination,
   that has soured CIA professionals and has prompted them to consider
   going public with what they know. Adding to their frustration was the
   resignation of reform-minded CIA director James Woollsey last year and
   his replacement by John Deutch.

   Deutch's job appears to be to keep a lid on things and to protect the
   Clintons and the massive, ongoing illegal drug and arms trade that
   provides the agency with billions of dollars in revenue completely out
   of view of Congress and government watchdogs.

   Deutch's recent attempt to use the Aldrich Ames case as a club to
   attack the CIA and its past directors has brought the agency's
   simmering revolt to a boil. "Deutch had better watch his altitude and
   attitude," said one veteran CIA man. "He'd better get off his soapbox
   before he gets indicted himself."

   Rumors of CIA involvement in drug trafficking go back to before the
   Vietnam war, with heroin trade from Laos' Golden Triangle. But in the
   late '70s or early '80s, the agency virtually took over and
   nationalized the wholesale importation of cocaine into this country
   through obscure airfields like the one at Mena, Ark., on the grounds
   that it was the only way to control the drug trade. In other words:
   "If you can't lick them, join them." The operation was soon generating
   vastly more money than ever imagined - which has come back to line the
   pockets of top government officials from the Reagan, Bush and Clinton
   administrations. The money-laundering operations have likewise drawn
   in major banks and brokerage houses. By some accounts, the revenues
   still run upwards of $7 billion a year.

   Details of government involvement in this society- wrecking drug trade
   are now emerging from various sources. Bits and pieces emerged during
   the Iran-Contra and Iraqgate hearings of the 1980s, which produced a
   million pages of documents but only a handful of indictments, and
   fewer convictions. Perhaps the biggest fish caught was Reagan Defense
   Secretary Caspar Weinberger, charged with lying to Congress. He was
   pardoned by President George Bush just as Bush was leaving office in
   1992. Curiously, Weinberger's right-hand-man through most of that
   period was would-be presidential contender Gen. Colin Powell, who
   Weinberger had brought up to be a top military advisor, out of Casey's
   intelligence empire where he is said to have served with the NSA and
   to have been intimately familiar with the drug and arms flow.

   There is also a growing court record of sworn testimony in the
   wrongful prosecution case of former CIA contract pilot Terry Reed.
   Reed claims in his book, "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA,"
   that Bill Clinton, while governor of Arkansas, was well aware of the
   drug trafficking there but played along with the game to earn himself
   the status of an "approved" candidate for the presidency. With that
   would come plenty of financing.

   Another source now openly discussing the massive drug business is
   retired Navy Lt. Commander Alexander Martin. Martin was, in effect,
   the chief accountant for the Reagan/Bush drug operations run by Marine
   Lt. Col. Oliver North, through an obscure arm of the White House
   National Security Council called the Natinal Programs Office. In a
   radio interview with talk show host Tom Valentine last July, Martin
   spoke not only of drugs and money, but death. "Out of roughly 5,000 of
   us who were originally involved in Iran-Contra, approximately 400,
   since 1986, have committed suicide, died accidently or died of natural
   causes. In over half those deaths, official death certificates were
   never issued. In 187 circumstances, the bodies were cremated before
   the families were notified." Martin then said he was lying low.

   Not low enough. In late October, Martin was arrested and jailed
   without bond in Broward County, Fla., for supposed violation of his
   probation on a 1990 bad-check charge. Such small-time charges are a
   common device used to squelch and discredit former players in this
   government-run drug and arms racket.

   Corruption. Most Americans like to think their government is somehow
   immune to the kinds of bribery and abuse of public power rampant in
   "Third World" countries. The emerging reality is that the exact
   opposite is true. The more wealth and power at stake, the greater the
   incentive to subvert and corrupt. Sources say the dark truths
   predicted to be unveiled by P.P. Willie will be utterly damning.
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