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psychoceramics: On the Road

One of the bonuses of long-distance driving on back roads
that I've always liked is finding roadside oddities.  These
can range from the products of one person's obssesion, like
the house made entirely of newpaper and varnish in Pigeon
Cove, MA or the Orange Show in Houston, to big 
organizations, like the Association for Research and 
Enlightenment in VA Beach (spend a night in their pyramid to 
cure what ails you!)

If any of you have roadside favorites in your part of the 
world, please email me - I'd very much appreciate hearing 
about them.

In any event, as I've just finished a cross-country drive, I 
thought I'd share a couple of places worth  visiting if
you're in the neighborhood.

Oswald North:
The Last Hurrah Bookstore, off rte. 15 in Williamsport, PA

A treasure trove for  assasination conspiracy kooks, 
particularly those specializing in JFK & RFK.  Books, films, 
pictures, and more.  Their business is really mail-order, 
but if anyone's at home, they're more than happy to let you 
rummage around the house.  I tried to find a replacement for 
my long-lost copy of Bernard Bane's "The Bane in Kennedy's 
Existence", but had to settle for a replica of the Magic 
Bullet. (If anyone knows where I can get ahold of another 
copy of this book, please let me know!)
  If you'd like to get their catalog, send $5 to 849 W. 3rd 
St., Williamsport, PA 17701

Oswald South:
Tragedy in US History Museum, off rte.A1A in St.Augustine,FL

Lee Harvey Oswald's bedroom furniture!  The ambulance that 
took him to the hospital after he was shot!  The actual car 
Jayne Mansfield was decapitated in!  And more!  Hand L.H.
Hough a few bucks, and you can see his whole painstakingly 
assembled collection.
   And be sure not to miss the exhibit that really rouses 
L.H.'s ire - documentation of "the opposition the city of 
St. Augustine has given this museum, over 20 years."  Once 
again, a man of vision has been harassed by petty, narrow 

Nancy McNelly, temporarily marooned in south Florida