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Re: psychoceramics: Book Report: "5/5/2000: Ice, the Ultimate Disaster"

>Noone also tries to tie together all pyramid-related pseudo-sciences.
>Numerology based on the Egyptian pyramids measurements and layout
>gets related to Masonry and modern-day astronomical occurances.
>The dubious connection of Pre-Columbian Mayan and Aztec pyramids
>to the Egyptian pyramids is pointed out as a sort of proof that
>Masonic Knowledge spread across the globe.  "Pyramid energy", shown
>in "modified" Kirlian photos of model pyramids, gets linked to the
>survival of dinosaurs into Classical times, and to a pulsar known
>as "Vela X", believed to be the remnant of a supernova that occured
>in 4000 BC.  There's also an incoherent attempt to show that the
>chambers of the Great Pyramid might have been some sort of
>electricity-based life extension technology used by the Pharoahs.

The last time I visited the Association for Research and Enlightenment,
where all of Edgar Cayce's archives are kept, I noticed that they
had built a mini-pyramid near the main building.  Turned out that
you could rent this structure for a night - just sleeping in a
pyramid would provide all sorts of aura-improving, mind-expanding
benefits.  It was expensive, so I decided to stay in a mundane
rectangular motel room.

I recommend a visit to the ARE to anyone who travels in the
vicinity of Virginia Beach, if only to check out their well-stocked
bookstore and library (I have to give them points for having
the Skeptical Inquirer in the library).

Nancy McNelly                                  "Ma in k'ati"
http://www.he.net/~nmcnelly/                 Gaspar Antonio Chi
Mayan hieroglyphics. virtual pyramid, & more