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psychoceramics: FW: The Dalai Lama.....

more hollow-earth speculations....
From: Jan Lamprecht on Thu, Jun 6, 1996 7:25 PM
Subject: The Dalai Lama.....

I am going to see the Dalai Lama when he visits Pasadena in July.  If I get 
the opportunity, I shall ask him about Shamballah being the capital of the 
Hollow Earth.

Also, I would like to buy a copy of the Hollow Earth Video -- How may I go 
about obtaining one?

Re: Video - you buy it from the ISCE for about $20. I'll get their 
address for you.

Re: Dalai Lama.
See what you can do - and let us know.

I've written to the Dalai Lama 3 times, and faxed Richard Gere and 
written to him. Not one of my 5 communications to either of them ever 
received a reply.

I asked the Dalai Lama about the King of the World. Richard Gere sees 
him a couple of times a year - but I got no reply there either. 

I am not sure WHERE Danny got his reference to the Dalai Lama 
ADMITTING the existence of Shamballah. I'm not sure if the Dalai Lama 
will admit to it being a PHYSICAL PLACE.  Ask him and see what he 
says. Try and be persistent like Roerich was. I think it also depends 
on whether other people are around. He may just claim it's a heavenly 
place. Chatting privately is the best chance. He is supposed to be 
the Outer world REPRESENTATIVE of the King of the World. (Hey, write 
a note to the King of the World and give it to the Dalai Lama and ask 
him to pass it on to the King of the World, and see how he reacts!)

These Tibetans aren't going to supply us with PROOF. They like to 
keep their mouths shut. It seems to me, that it's up to us to provide 
the proof. Providing PROOF is just not in line with their beliefs and 
the way the higher adepts operate. That's what makes it so difficult. 
It's a TEST really. They're testing to see if you can arrive at an 
answer by LOGIC ALONE - and to then KNOW that that's the TRUTH - 
WITHOUT ONE IOTA OF PHYSICAL PROOF. That's the way the higher 
adepts have always operated. If you KNOW (logically speaking), and 
are already convinced - then they'll probably rap with you like the 
Lama did with Roerich. But they're not gonna put the answer in our laps!