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psychoceramics: Further Usenet discoveries

First, the Raelians are online:


Second, so is a quantum Jesus:

>From: e--@e--.net
Newsgroups: alt.messianic,alt.religion.islam,alt.bible.prophecy,soc.culture.israel
Subject: "Schroedinger's kitten" and the consciousness expressed in the "Thanksgiving Hymns" (1QH)
Date: 1 Jun 1996 18:30:06 GMT

Recent experiments in quantum physics evidence the existence of a super-
position of what I understand to be two quantum discontinuous states (cor-
rect me if I am wrong.)

And, in a further development of Schroedinger's Cat Paradox--in which a
cat is said to be simultaneously alive and dead after the emission of a pho-
ton; but is, in reality, either alive or dead only *after* the opening of the
box and the collapse of either one or the other of the probability functions
--this super-position of states is called, for obvious reasons, "Schroedin-
ger's kitten".

Now, the consciousness of the normal human personality--the conscious-
ness based upon the fear of death and the desire for pleasure--can be said
to be a quantum discontinuous consciousness to the consciousness of the
Knowledge of Truth; whereas the "Thanksgiving Hymns" of the Dead Sea
Scrolls (1QH) are probably the most detailed and accurate expression of
the emotions and ideas associated with the super-position of these two
states of consciousness--i.e., immediately *after* the experience of the
Vision of the "Son of man" and the Revelation of the "resurrection of the
dead". In other words, there is not an *instantaneous* transition from the
consciousness of the normal human personality to the consciousness of
the Knowledge of Truth. Rather, there is an interval of time in which the
state of the individual's consciousness is simultaneously *both* of these
kinds of consciousness--referred to metaphorically as the "War of the
Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness"; which, by the way, suggests
that the "Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light" (1QM), if written by
Jesus, was, necessarily, written *after* 1QH. (Thus, I would prefer to
refer to this kind of consciousness as a "Schroedinger's kitten" conscious-
ness rather than the much more pejorative terms of Western psychiatry
such as manic-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder.)

Now, if it is accurate to say that Jesus was the author of the "Thanksgiving
Hymns"--evidence, but not *proof*  for which is presented in my manu-
script--it is important to understand that these hymns would have *had* to
have been written *prior* rather than during his public ministry--especially,
for example, *before* his reply to the Sadducees concerning the "resurrec-
tion of the dead". That is, the super-position of these two forms of con-
sciousness--or, more accurately, a form and a formless kind of conscious-
ness--generally results in poetry. And it is only *after* the resolution of this
conflict that there is an understanding of, specifically, the intellectual and
Doctrinal elements of Revealed Truth. (And, it is also for this reason that the
documents found at Nag Hammadi are of a much more *philosophical* hue
than many of the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

Now, to those who have suggested that it is merely a *figment* of my
*imagination* that my manuscript of research on the Dead Sea Scrolls
has been specifically *censored* by the religious establishment, I sug-
gest that you send a copy of this note to "Revue de Qumran", "The Bib-
lical Archaeology Review"--or any other publication you so desire--
and ask them whether they would be willing to publish a paper describ-
ing in greater detail the consciousness of the author of the "Thanksgiving
Hymns" in terms of some of the philosophical understandings of arche-
tyal psychology and/or quantum physics...all of which I allude to in my

Michael (Daniel 12:1, Sura 2:98, Column XVII of 1QM)

Third, so is the only hope in the world:

>From: y--@N--Vision.net.il
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia,soc.culture.korean,soc.culture.japan,soc.culture.hongkong,soc.culture.china,soc.culture.asean
Subject: Internet Worldwide Radio Proclaiming....
Date: Tue, 28 May 96 05:02:00 PDT

        Now finally revealed!

        The original, archaic Hebrew Name of the scriptural
     Creator: YAOHU UL, and His unique Messiah: YAOHUSHUA.

        Plus highly-revealing guidelines on major, important
     scriptural truths long ignored by many, for the spiritual
     awakening and growth of all honest seekers of truth....

        Plus "audio-on-demand" Internet worldwide broadcast
     proclaiming the original Name of the true Messiah and His 
     Wonderful Message for all!


        YAOHUSHUA - the only hope in this world.

        Thank you, wonderful people, for your kind and 
     favorable responses....


Finally, news that we can bring back the dodo:

>From: o--@d--.netgate.co.nz (Owen McShane)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.new-zealand
Subject: Radio NZ and Dodo nonsense
Date: 26 May 1996 23:57:28 GMT

Did anyone else here our Broadcasting fee being squandered on a half hour
phone call to some hair brained looney in London? The interviewer held a
grotesque interview with some idiot who claims to be able to use Genetic
Vibrations of "subtle energy" to recreate the Dodo from Dodo bones - by
transferring the vibrations into a turkey's eggs which will then hatch Dodos.
Surprise surprise, the Government of Mauritius refused to come up with the
Dodo bones she needed. But she claimed thetechnique has been proven by some
Chinese who has grown ducks from chicken eggs.

When asked what she thought about the sceptics she simply dismissed them as
having closed minds.  She called herself a scientist but then when asked what
the scientific community thought of her work responded that she didn't care
because BRitish scientists are very conservative.

Please write and protest about this waste of valuable National Radio time and
money - and the prime Sunday Morning time at that.