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psychoceramics: The NWO's US Domestik Enemy

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5-31-96  Israel, Ben Netanyahu.  The CIA's IRA doesn't yield to non catholic England, why do you Jews yield to the catholic's CIA USA?  Whether it's arabs or Irish, it's still the roman catholic's NWO and the same satan spirited pope's gun point peace pla
n we have, whose CIA holocausted our children at Waco and blew up our children in Oklahoma city, to secure it's NWO Fed. govt. in america.

In the 80s, when Israel was thee power in the Middle East, under Mr. Begin and Arial Sharon, the arabs were more hu
man and limited to throwing rocks at Jewish soldiers.  But since the pope's Gestapo CIA murdered those arabs in Lebanon, to overthrow that hebrew govt., death for Jews has increased since Israel started following Rome again.  Because the CIA is supplying 
the arabs terrorists with our tax americana, to kill Jews there and all over the world.  Democracy Ben, the 4th Reich's NWO type and you can do nothing until Russia kills it.

Since the FBI broke in our old Apt. and stole our 80s letter discs, which we ha
ve other copies of hidden away until after court, we don't have ready access to reprint this note.  So we are writing this from memory until we can reprint it, to show Israel's future, as the Lord of Elijah has shown.  For 20 years now this lying mafia ca
tholic church US govt. has been bragging about giving Israel 3 billion dollars a year.  How does that translate in the real world, another 3 dollar bill?

As the catholic church's NAFTA and mafia's GATT, Octopus, sucks Uncle Sam to death to save Rome's NW
O > " that vatican Beast will have his US govt. put and end to the hebrews of america, privately helping Israel." <

Which if you had to look at those jewish beach bunnies enjoying themselves and the romanized little girlish jew boys wearing ear rings in 
Israel, through the eyes of a prophet who knows the suffering of their fathers in the wilderness and in Europe, you would understand why such a loss will be almost like salvation to the youth of Israel and not all bad.

So much for the heavenly spirited l
ove and support of america's Born-again christians giants, who Israels Lord will throw off TV about the same time. Finally, after they have demonstrated for decades, they are nothing more than another kind of 3 gods catholics, who drop their love gospel t
o take up their pope's crusades gospel, convert em, or, ' kill for em all for the cross.  And during the time of tribulation, the Lord has planned for america, which is called the time of Jacob's trouble.  Over this writer's dead body will today's modern 
christians escape and that never in america.  But rather those giants will be found in confusion, calling on all 3, but getting no answer.  So the Lord to fulfil HIS good pleasure and have Elijah single-handedly, take on the Beast's whole 4th Reich Roman 
Empire.  And kill it like the enemies of Israel, in the days of old.  Except for that snake's head in Rome, pope andy the anti-christ, out of which the Lord HIMSELF intends to crush the life.

OK Ben, you know money talks and the pope's jesuit US criminal
s already have a plan for your govt.  But only until the Lord will take a stand against this catholic cancer US govt. and bring Russia's Old Guard Bear.  Then the Lord of Israel will give HIS people, in Israel, relief for a season.  Don't take my word, wa
tch america's weather, the Bear and for that one called Elijah.

Because while you can reject, like Gorbachev, Thatcher, Reagan, Bush, Poland's Walesa, the CIA, FBI and most of america's major national TV news personalities at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC, who h
ave come up against the Lord's words for these last 10 years have learned, you can not alter.
                                                                                 Rome's CIA, US Domestik Enemy
                            Glenn Buckarma, IQ-8

5-18-96  Jesse Jackson.  The CIA's Colby didn't give us this or any other information for these letters.  But those FBI/CIA beasts who holocaust 28 innocent american children at Waco, haven't be
en able to stop these warnings
exposing this NWO and its CIA cocaine traffic into america for 10 years now, which is why those murdering devils tried to kidnap my daughter from Copps Food, Green Bay.  We meant to send this letter last week, but because of
 our IQ of 8, this machine ate it.  But it make's little difference, because neither you or nor anyone else can stop these NWO CIA/FBI/AFT Waco type attacks on america. Since we warned during Reagan's days, the CIA would kill americans, to build hatred in
 america against Arabs, and the CIA blew up New York's World Trade Center.  Anymore than you can stop the forest fires and the killer inflation and sharper costs of living, which will be starting after these major droughts. Which we've warned were coming,
 since 1986.

We've warned the national TV media, since you ran for president and we warned you the CIA would send some lead for your if you got to close, the pope would kill america's welfare or his CIA warfare.  And you know who these welfare, medicare 
and healthcare cuts are aimed at, the colored, today, and then Rome's NAFTA-GATT white victims.  But this jesuit US govt., which thought they were going to push their boy Newt in our White House, know the rate Rome's NAFTA-GATT is destroying america's rea
l economy and tax base.  Because those GAO/IRS demons keep america's Books, and know they can't get all their NWO cuts past Clinton, in time to keep americans believing in Rome's two political parties.  Means too many american's realize Rome's CIA can for
ce either party and america, to kill any nation in the world except Russia, for the resurrection of their old Roman Empire and this 4th Reich NWO govt. to rule the world.

Because of Rome's Gestapo FBI/ATF holocaust at Waco; the FBI's assassinations of th
e Randy Weaver's wife and boy; the US's below poverty minimum wages, after that 50 billion NAFTA-GATT enema Rome's NWO in DC, stuck up tax americana's rectum; the FBI's Zerro looking, letter UNabomber, for who they arrested this reported pipe bomber, Eins
tein look a like; with the CIA's plastic charge bombing of children in Oklahoma being exposed, after Glenn Wilburn OK. victim, reported on national TV 8 witnesses saw govt. trucks with hoop mounted antenna, tracking that Ryder truck through the city to th
e Muier Fed. building, as well a ATF bomb squad at the Muier Fed. building hours before hand; but it's getting too close to election or the pope's FBI would have already wiped out those Montana Freemen.  All of which is building more discontent in tax pay
ing americans and the country is starting to hear smell Gestapo and hear their NWO Boots coming.  Adding even more credibility to a already fast growing move in america, for Independence, from Rome's NWO.  We warned Ross Perot last time he ran for Preside
nt, the CIA would try to kill him, but here he is helping the Independent party again.

So how does the CIA deal with these yankee tax americana zombie suckers, who still believe the Fed., is america's govt., and not Rome's.  First you have to realize how
 Rome operates.  And how the Beast planned it's assassination of President Kennedy for years, before the NWO's US secret service body guards actually ambushed John Kennedy.  So all of Rome's FBI/CIA national security Fed. govt., and all of Rome's national
 TV media, all of Rome's US newspapers and all of Rome's rags, like Time, Newsweek, Life etc, could convict Oswald for them. Despite their mafia brothers knew they could kill Lee in Dallas's police dept. basement or finish him off at the hospital.  If tho
se CIA satans didn't only know Oswald would be hit by their mafia brothers and headed to a hospital, but knew which hospital, how did those beasts not only got there first, but also had the green doctor robes on, when they tried to question Lee.

Jesse, t
he same jesuit CIA/FBI govt. murderers who ambushed President Kennedy, also holocaust our children at Waco.  And belong to the same CIA church as Rome's 3rd Reich SS Gestapo did in Germany.  Which gassed the Jews of Europe; gassed those Kurds and blamed S
addam Hussien, to make Rome's Desert Oil war Scam look credible; the same CIA gassed those japanese on a train, to encourage Japan to buy the NWO's US dollars and keep the dollar more in line with Japan's currency.  And those CIA terrorists control DC's r
epublicans, who are trying to preserve Rome's NWO CIA US military machine, by attempting to slash and burn every social program in america.

Add NAFTA-GATT to this slash & burn economic climate, plus Rome's jesuit US govt. is still flooding america with i
t's latino and asian church converts, who are over ruling and over running the colored the black americans.  Add to that, black americans are becoming more belligerent after the OJ trial and verdict, which some white americans won't except.  And Rome's di
vide & conquer jesuits are promoting that racism, by having their national TV talk shows keep on harping, OJ is guilty.  Add to that the fact, the CIA sees the colored population in america is growing to fast.  And you can understand, if you are a KKK Ges
tapo jesuit Fed. govt. beast, why Rome's 4th Reich NWO CIA is planning a somewhat similar Gas or Germ warfare attack on americans.

And if you remember Rome's jesuits already played their blitz creed warnings on NBC, how the arabs, america's militia or so
me other mythical US enemy could germ warfare attack america.  And those Ebolie virus reports that came out of africa, they were CIA attacks practicing on those people.  So when Rome's NWO CIA jesuits deem it necessary, during some kind of national crises
 against Rome's NWO US govt., like a no confidence vote;  Russia's Old Guard kills of Rome's Russian mafia GATT govt.;  China sinks Taiwan;  North korea kills off the pope's South Korean govt. and Rome's Fortune 500 Co.s.  Or any kind of greater political
 consequence to Rome's NWO US Gestapo govt., which would be worse than the chaos of attacking america's colored neighborhoods with that Ebolie virus, is exactly what vatican's NWO CIA terrorists have planned for america's blacks. You hear that Milton Grim

And you know Jesse, Rome's CIA jesuit doctors and the AMA doctors will have all of the NWO's documentation in place, just waiting.  Those NWO beasts will have written the perfect media blitz creed responses, as they did for Dallas. For their jesuit c
ontrolled national & local TV news churches, for their news priests to preach Rome's conspiratorial sermonets against the arabs or whoever, 24 hrs a day.  And all of Rome's jesuit controlled US print rags, which did similar numbers on the Kennedy family, 
blaming Oswald and the Russians, will have their texts prepared before hand as well.  And Rome's CIA sermons will, but with bigger words, go something like this.  Right Cronkite.

Well, we experts have been studying that Ebolie virus for some time now.  A
nd we have found the colored are inferior in a way, which makes them more susceptible to that virus.  Just like a year ago, our 4th Reich Dr. Mengeles isolated a gene in Jewish women, which made them inferior to gentiles and more susceptible to breast can
cer.  What can we say Jesse, Democracy?  Certainly this country won't listen to this IQ of 8 dummy, but they will Russia.

The Lord is the only answer Jesse, but this situation is like america's untold numbers of missing, molested and murdered children.  
If these yankees don't care enough for their children, they still permit the catholic church's US govt., to get away with kidnaping america's children after 3 decades, why should the Lord care about our children or their parents right to self rule.

, when did Rome's NWO CIA black opps, blow up that plane loaded with GI's over Canada, before those Kurds were nerve gassed, or after?  And Israel is looking to the CIA's Perez and the same NWO robed beasts for peace.  OK Israel, back to sleep.  But consi
der this, if you don't like our words, what are you going to do when your Lord, sticks Elijah's face in yours.  that  dummy.
                                         The NWO's US Domestik Enemy
                                         Glenn Buckarma, IQ-8


5-24-96  Mike Wallace.  As you media people know, because of the grammar barrier this writer faces, we haven't always been able to communicate what we want or mean to say, but the spirit of th
is testimony and its record, speaks for itself. So that reason and because Rome's US jesuit media spin doctors re-write these letters for their purposes, we have to sometimes correct these notes and send them out again and after court compile these letter
s in a Book.

America's people economy is still bogus to that degree, like during the pope's boy Bushes days, when the jesuits lost access to steal billions of america's S&Ls, to pump back into Rome's NAFTA-GATT US economy, throwing america into recession
, like we warned DC & the national TV media it would.  That today with-in a year of this jesuit US govt.'s failure to steal enough billions from their pope's higher profits at america's gas pumps, to pump back into Rome's NAFTA mafia GATT US economy and b
uy american products to dump off around the world, america would again be thrown back into recession and depression without a war and killer inflation.

And if you media people, america's gate keepers, are watching these growing droughts and floods, its n
ot that much longer before working americans will have to either fast & drive or not drive a car and eat.  Does that sound like the public transportation , we warned in the late 80s, was ahead of america?  Or will Harley Davidson be selling an all enclose
d motor scooter, before hand, like we asked them a few years back?

Enough you media people should know, how in the mid to late 80s, we started to warn United Air Lines how the catholic church's CIA was out to harm UAL, to prosper their pope's American Ai
r Lines.  And while we are not a prophet to have used specific No.s, we warned UAL previous to when the CIA blew up the tail section of UAL's Sioux City Iowa flight.  But that Capt. was still able, because of the grace of the Lord, to bring his plane back
 to earth, in a fire ball, and some people were saved.  We warned that carrier the CIA UNabombers were after them again, before the CIA blew the upper front section off that plane overseas, but that Capt. was also able to bring his plane back with minimum
 loss of life. We warned UAL in that same time period, just before the CIA sabotaged their Colo. Flight on the ground.  This is not a game to the govt. of the Beast, Mike, lest Rome's looses another NWO.

But that was when the CIA was first learning how t
o blow up passenger Jet air carriers and those jesuit satans were content to just blow planes in big pieces, like Pan Am's flight 103 over Scotland.  The only problem later was, too many passenger were surviving to give testimony to the TV media, they hea
rd explosions.  And Rome doesn't like loose ends, because such testimonies enlighten their tax americana suckers.  So then Rome's UNabomber CIA satans tried a few lesser sabotage jobs on US Air, but that didn't create enough terror for americans to stay a
way from that carrier.  So the CIA was forced to load US Air's flight 429 up with plastic charges and blew it into a million pieces over some mountain approaching its PA. landing destination.
But again the public interfered, when 4 witnesses testified rig
ht at the scene on national TV, they heard an explosion.  But Rome's US govt. reported their wind shear Bulldung again.  Try to understand, that wind shear doesn't blow bodies into a million fine pieces, or it would have done the same to Pan AM's 103.  Bu
t with another understanding, after US Air's 429 ending, we blasted the NWO's CIA Unabomber satans again.

Mike vatican does have that many enemies trying expose the Beast's CIA US govt. and who do competitively harm the vatican's thousands of US Co, the 
jesuit CIA has to kill night and day, to maintain their vatican's national security in america.  Like Sen. Heinz, who the CIA murdered by sabotaging his plane and their own CIA director Bill Casey, they murdered in the hospital.  But after being exposed/b
lasted by these letters so many times, some of the vatican's US govt. people, like Pena in the FAA., are becoming unwilling to take the public's punishment and mocking, like in the case of Rome's UNabomber patsy.

Yet when the needs come up for a bomb job
 to kill another one of the NWO's enemy, like in South america, the jesuit thought because it would off shore and over the mountains they would be safe.  So those CIA devils reverted back to a lessor bomb job, like they did on Pan Am's 103.  Unfortunately
 for Rome, again some surviving passengers reported a bomb explosion.  But fortunately for Rome, it was on their home ground, so the CIA was able to murder one survivor, before he got back to heal and tell his story.  Only the Lord and the CIA knows what 
happened to the other survivor.  Now watch, if the CIA didn't kill that last poor bastard.  They'll deprogram him and drag that guy or a look alike in front
of Larry King, like they did with Mrs. Rodgers, Vansense Capt's wife, and he will sing a new hymn 
for his life, like Mrs. Rodgers did.

And during this time American Air Lines has their CIA brother's jet plane mechanics doing low level sabotaging for national TV, on this low airfare, young upstart competitor, Valujet's planes.  Mike the pope's nationa
l security secret service police force, including its TV media conspirators and US govt., is a lot bigger than what the american public will ever believe.  Until after war and revolt.

So lest the CIA winds up with more talking survivors, those UNabomber 
reverted back to plastic charges.  And blew that young Valujet's 592 into a million pieces, over a swamp.  So the public and the media couldn't have access and to conveniently let the crabs clean up/feed on their victim's remains.  And then had the pope o
f the pope, CBS's 60 minutes, bad mouth US Air's lawyers for attacking their survivors, the vatican's CIA failed to kill.  And mock/add some more heat to Rome's UNabomber victim, Valujet.  Mike I can't believe CBS still really thinks all americans are as 
dumb as CBS, that CBS even tried this stunt/comedy tonight.  The country is only 20% catholic Mike, and most of them have no real use for those child molesting whore houses.  If you keep pumping the public this kind of dung, they are going to tune out you
r 60 minutes catholic church.  Because people realize if the pope's CBS is so moral, why didn't 60 minutes do similar lawyer jobs on the pope's American Air Lines, after their crashes.

All this NWO, FAA, NTSB, etc, Bulldung on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC are just
 so many jesuit NWO cover up show and you better media people know it.  But that's what revolt is all about, kill the govt., before it kills the whole country.

Did you see the pope, TV nationally advertised, one of his Korean Co.'s Hyundai crawler back h
oes, at the bomb site?  Means nothing you say, maybe not to you, but it does to those vatican beasts.  After the vatican bought Fort Howard Paper Mill in Green Bay, with S&Ls the jesuits stole from tax americana, the catholic church advertised their 'Fort
, the same way, nationally, but on CH 2 CBS. Remember, that's why CBS came over here and dumped the catholic church's CH 2 for the mafia's ABC CH 5.  More Democracy Mike.

But Israels Lord is going to destroy this Roman Empire NWO US govt. and this old ma
n is going to running up and down the sides line, singing HIS praises. Because this jesuit sodomite US govt. has no more chance to stop Israels Lord, than Charlie MaCarthy had to out wit - out preform Edger Bergan.  You hear that Dime Lady.  This is not a
 game, you better relocate your heritage, because the alternative to this gospel, is the unimaginable ultimate in horror.

Repeating Mike.  As these droughts kill off america's middle class, americans are going to become totally intolerant of foreign cars
.  And what you call americans, by driving foreign cars, will be literally taking their lives in their own hands, because hungry people will kill them.  Right Lesley Stahl.


5-25-96  Barbara Wal
ters - Larry King.  Interesting how during and at the end of tonight's interview show, you two professionals presented yourselves, maybe unknowingly, like a hebrew brother and sister.

Larry whoever told you luck is the residue of design, is wrong, and th
at man lacks understanding.  Because Luck has a life of it's own.  Which is why when it chooses to get involved, Luck has the power to, either make you or break you.

Rome's jesuit govt. book keepers of america, are claiming americans gave more to charity
 last year, 70 billion dollars.  That's Bulldung.  Unless you include the 50 billion americans were forced to give Mexico and 19 billions to the pope's other NWO govt.s like Bosnia/Croatia military govt. churches.

Rome's FBI must really be paranoid.  The
 pope even had his FBI Waco heros, remove their UNabomber patsy Ted's cabin, from the reach of independent american investigators, like Rome removes the brains of their assassination victims.

Barbara.  One other way to identify a culture gone Roman, besi
de the priest's romo homo converts and the nuns lesbian converts, Rome's US govt. is trying to push into the mainstream, is this national anti-smoking campaign to save the health of adults.  While the country has no national campaign to save america's mis
sing, molested and murdered defenseless innocent children.  When america's children catch on to this govt. love, the country is going to burn, Barbara.

If a catholic spirited cannibal culture doesn't control america, this would be no less mandatory for a
ll national network & all cable TV to carry, than paying taxes.    { ALCTV }  America's Missing Children Television, inc.  Corp. Headquarters  Rt. 1  Box 430, Buffalo, MO. 65622.  1-800-354-5781  E Mail ALCTVN @ ix. NETCOM.COM   -  We are not going to sto
p exposing this, until the responsible beasts pay, publicly, either before or during revolt.

Barbara producing a good program, like tonight with Chris Reeve, because the components/characters already exist, is like reconstructing a fine car.  And editing
 is like waxing & rubbing off the residue unto perfection, which brings out the car's greatest glory.

We watched tonight about Chris and know the Lord will continue helping him and his wife.  But if you ask how, that is one of the countless differences b
etween this writer and one of Israel's prophets.  The Lord sometimes helps us to see like an old reflector, to know some of the things HE will do.  But prophets like Elijah, were sanctified to have and has access to inquire of the Lord, regarding matters 
related to the Lord's people.  So if we taught the things we have learned and Chris would receive, there would be no end to his recovery, without a doctor.  But the key is to know the mind of the Lord and would Criss receive or reject and that we don't ha
ve access to.  And because this is no Sunday School Class and Israels Lord is not the Santa Claus, the catholics have taught christians for centuries, if Chris would reject such words, he would be no different than you or I, and the thousands of people wh
o under Moses, left their bones in the wilderness, because of rejecting.

That testimony Chris gave tonight is true.  Life is not in the body, but in the soul,... but only if the soul is up-in good spirit.  So not having access to know whether Chris would
 receive or reject, lest he reject and become down spirited, the safest path is, just we report what we know.  And that is in the case of Chris, is to keep our teaching mouth shut, unless the Lord makes known later.  And let the Lord teach that family acc
ording to HIS knowledge, for the salvation of their souls.  Because as Criss said, they had everything before, but the quality of their love for one another is greater now.  And it keeps them more dependent on one another and Grace.   IQ-8