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psychoceramics: CNN - Freemen worried about being injected with cancer cells - June 16, 1996

Here's something interesting from CNN:

 -- acb

>                          [CNN US News] [Image]
>      Freemen worried about being injected with cancer cells
>      June 16, 1996                                        [duke]
>      Web posted at: 11:10 p.m. EDT
>      NEW YORK (AP) -- The Freemen were afraid of being injected
>      with cancer cells and "no brain" drugs in jail and were
>      ready to shoot it out with federal agents from their
>      isolated Montana farm, according to audiotapes obtained by
>      "Dateline NBC."
>      Colorado state Sen. Charles Duke, who was invited by the
>      Freemen to negotiate during the 81-day standoff, taped his
>      conversations with members of the group and provided some of
>      the tapes to the show, which broadcast them Sunday.
>      On the tapes, Freeman Edwin Clark spoke of his fear he would
>      be injected with cancer cells.
>      "When he went to Missouri, a man, a doctor from New York
>      City come in and told Leroy: he says, you'll never see the
>      light of day. And he says, I'll guarantee you before you
>      leave here I'm gonna inject you with a, with a deadly ah ...
>      dose of cancer."
>      Clark also alleges on the tape that the government has
>      attempted to kill other jailed followers.
>      "I know of two of them, one of them at least, he was as
>      healthy as a (expletive) horse when he went in there, and he
>      came back ... there was another one, I can't remember his
>      name, they, they give him a lethal dose of 'no brains' when
>      he come back."
>      The tapes, which Duke made of phone conversations and during
>      his five visits to the compound in May, also indicate the
>      Freemen were willing to shoot it out with the FBI.
>      "I can tell you right now I'm not the kind of damn fool
>      that's gonna lay over," Russell Landers said. "We're not
>      here in this logistically defendable position as fools.
>      We're guerrilla warfare and I'm sorry, Charlie, but I feel
>      very strongly about this, and they can take their
>      (expletive) warrants and shove 'em right up their
>      (expletive) where that 30-0-6 (rifle) of mine is gonna drill
>      'em."
>       [clark ranch]  Duke said there were eight or nine people in
>                      the room where he talked with the group's
>      leaders and each was armed; everyone had a sidearm and some
>      had rifles.
>      Sixteen Freemen surrendered Thursday after spending about
>      two and a half months on the eastern Montana farm in a
>      standoff with federal agents. All but two face a variety of
>      federal counts, including threatening public officials and
>      bank fraud.
>      Copyright 1996 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This
>      material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or
>      redistributed.


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