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psychoceramics: CHURCH of the SUB-GRUBOR & NENSLO

And now an update on John "DrGodFuck" Grubor.  As you may recall,
last time we heard of him, he was making overtures to Doctress Neutopia.
Now it would seem that he has discovered the Church of the SubGenius.

The question is:  will Grubor become a SubG ranter like Zoogz Rift or
Pope Sterno, or will he become a False "Bob" like Bob Dean? 
Only time will tell.

St. Francis E.

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, NENSLO wrote:

> 	Say, Doc, I thought we had already established that you were going 
> to be a true gentleman and honorable individual by not dumping this stuff 
> on alt.slack.  

You know, I have not posted over there for weeks, and quite frankly, I
was missing you slackers.  And I figured "now watch this, one of the 
slackers will write back by e-mail"  and sure enough, UP POPPED NENSLO!

hehehe..........  nice show dude!

> The newsgroup is really getting crapped up with offtopic 
> spam lately and you could really help out by posting things there which 

Yes, but I AM, dude.  The thing is "ME!"  I am the natural derivative of 
the church of the SUB-GENIUS, and the slackers have started their own
cult around me.  Have you not heard of the CHURCH OF THE SUB-GRUBOR?

> If you 
> don't know what that is, check out SubSite on the web or send one dollar 
> P.O. Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214.

Hey man, I knew about the Church of the Sub-Genius YEARS ago!
But man, I was never allowed to join.  I never qualified as a 
SUB-GENIUS because I am a genius.

> 	You have LOTS AND LOTS of newsgroups to which you are a relentless 
> poster, and if anyone wants to find you and discover what you're on a tear 
> about now, they should have no difficulty doing so.  

True NENSLO, but you must also realize that I am the ultimate 
"super-slacker," here long before the SUB-GENIUS cult was here.

> 	Thanks for your help on this.

Hey, no problem NENSLO, I am always ready to cut you some slack, but you 
must do the same back to me, dig?  I mean, to REALLY get KEWL, you want
to join the CHURCH of the SUB-GRUBOR, too.  Just send your $1.00 to:

P.O. Box 114
E. McKeesport, Pa.  15035

And you can also become a SUB-GRUBOR {;-)-~

And everybody in the SUB-GRUBOR Church gets free advice about how
to make the Government give YOU some "slack," or better put, how
to pay as little money to the IRS and be legal.


Dr. Super-Slacker X2
Church Of The SUB-GRUBOR
"cut me a brake" Department