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psychoceramics: FW: Schuman Resonance

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> CT> I think the frequency discrepancy is a result of the atmospheric
> CT> conditions at the time of measurement. It is my impression that
> CT> for the frequency to rise to 9.9 Hz, the speed of light must
> CT> increase!

Human brainwaves are layered into alpha, beta, theta, delta.  It's
interesting that the alpha wave is 4-6hz, whereas the theta (the higher
frequency) is 8-12 cycles/second..

Now the earth's resonance seems to be mutating from 6hz to a projected 12hz.

Take a look at the integers within the Fibonacci series and the relationships
within sacred geometry known as the Golden Ratio.  As first observed from
space by the Russion cosmonauts it is seen that earth has an underlying
electromagnetic grid based on the crystal, duodecahedron (a soccer ball with
pentagonal segments).

The pentagon is the golden ratio in 2D, a duodecahedron is the ration in 3D.

Phi=1.618, the Golden Ratio, is expressed universally in the shape of things
(from the proportions within a sunflower to a galactic spiral), also
expressed in music, the electromagnetic spectrum, perhaps even the resonance
we call mind.

Does the Schumann resonance detect a shift in the frequency of the MIND of