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psychoceramics: June 20th Stargate Final Instructions

 From: "Andrew Lutts" <a--@s--.com>
 Original Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 07:56:15 -0400
 Please find the final instructions for the June 20th Stargate Opening as
 channeled by Chandara.  Many groups are meeting on Thursday,
 June 20th, and coordinating for the Stargate Opening on 6:31 PM EDT.
 (Note: This is 5 hours different from Greenwich Mean Time GMT).
 Thank you for your participation in this event.
 Andy Lutts, Editor
 Contents for this issue:
 1) Stargate Final Instructions - channeled by Chandara
 Greetings and Welcome.
 It has been asked for further instructions and updates regarding the
 Stargate opening on 6/20/96. We are honored to provide such
 information. At this time, the etheric groups and organizations are
 scurrying in preparation for this event. As you have been told by
 others on the planetary surface, this event will create a doubling of
 the energetic capacity of the frequencies, ratios and transmission
 capabilities of the surface planetary people. (yes, it will double
 the capacity given from the Harmonic convergence). This is a most blessed
 On the surface, you will begin to experience most
 exciting spiritual awakenings. It is  a time of great change. The
 timelines which have been "predicted" are speeding up. Those whose
 missions it is to refine the information flows will be doing so in the
 near future. It is a time to align yourselves with the positive
 energetics fully... Fall away from the entrapments of the FEAR factors
 which have been permeating the messages. For those who are on their
 path are divinely protected.
 There is still much work to be done.
 Those of the Twelve Points of Light will begin the activation process
 tonight, (Wednesday), This will begin the shift on consciousness and
 reopen the telepathic connections which are required  for full
 activation of the energies which will be coming to you. The etheric
 shields of the earth are in place, and will be activated more fully to
 protect the surface from the full effects of the photon integrations,
 so that things can proceed smoothly.
 We are in concurrence, that the
 events which predicted mass destruction, are no longer required. There
 will, however, remain some difficulties which as yet need to be
 overcome. These are of artificial (technological) means, and not of
 etheric makeup, (sent by those not on the surface, and of the Light).
 We are grateful for the opportunity to directly communicate via your
 Those of the Darkness, whose belief it was to take over the
 Earth, have been brought into balanced harmony with the original
 intention of the Greater Plan. It is not to FEAR the events, but
 rather to understand the balance, the delicate balance between the
 "dark" and "light". It is this balance, which is required, to maintain
 the harmony which is necessary to move through t the Photon belt
 safely and securely. It is when the human FEAR overtakes the Soul's
 knowing of the Truth, that the human population begins to manifest
 the higher ratio of dark to light, light to dark, and throws off
 the Balance.
 What can be done to harmonize this, you ask? It is your
 intention, and inner knowledge that the TRUTH is, that it requires
 both light and dark , positive and negative, energies to balance and
 maintain the null zone. This is required for manifestation of thought
 into matter, it is required for manifestation of the fully functioning
 Light body, on the human form. It is learning to balance, and maintain
 the frequency ratios of the extended fields (mer-ka-bah) which are
 important and crucial in your personal development.
 This also
 involves the emotional components. We are not speaking , to tell you
 to be free of emotion, quite the contrary. Emotion is the ultimate
 human gift. It allows one to feel and experience free-will
 consciousness. It is the mechanism which will allow the etheric bodies,
 and the human form, to manifest into the Adam Kadmon Galactic Human.
 It is the BALANCE which we seek.
 This is also so for the planetary surface. Many of you are working to
 add "light" into the planetary fields and grids. Many know the
 specialized coding structures which require reactivation. It is time
 for you to come together and join , as one, in the light. You must use
 your discernment, and trust, to understand the matters with which we
 speak of.  This Stargate activation is a preliminary in the
 reactivation of the crystalline grid for the planet Earth. This grid
 protected the original frequencies and ratios from harm. It was
 injured and partially deactivated with the destruction of the
 Firmament of the planet.
 These are glorious times. The awakening of the dawning of man
 is at hand. It is wonderful to see the progress which has been made.
 Without this forward progress, none of these higher level stargate
 energy activations would have been possible.
 Now, for the further instructions.
 Those in the North are needed to concentrate on the realignment of
 the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional poles, equators, and energetics.
 Those in the South (America & Mexico), are to stabilize the equatorial
 regions of the surface, and interface and integrate the equatorial
 factor. Those at Sacred Sites are guided to reactivate the etheric
 shielding devices, which will allow for more of the hidden truths to
 surface, be understood and translated into the Light. Those in the
 East (USA) are asked to reconnect the Atlantean paradigm and
 reactivate the power grid structures into the crystalline grids and
 volcanoes. Those in the West (USA) are to reconnect the Atlantean
 mental/telepathic knowledge and starbased energies. Those in Europe are
 asked to globally reconnect the sacred site power grids which emanated
 from Stonehenge.
 Those in Egypt and the middle east, area asked to
 restabilize the energetic rip and tear which still surround that area.
 IT is found in the 5th to 7th layers of the Earth's auric fields. By
 reconnecting to the crystalline grids in these places you will find
 the energetic necessary to heal the planetary surface. Those in Africa
 are asked to rejoin the communications beacons which reside there.
 Those in Australia know what you are to do. However, do not, at this
 time, reactivate the crystal matrix which is connected to the etheric
 earth crystal. For these pathways still required significant repairs,
 and the energetic surface frequencies are not as yet able to handle
 Those in Asia area are asked to stabilize the Ring of Fire. IT is important
 to note that this is connected to the Lemurian energies, and requires
 additional assistance. We ask that you reactivate the Yods ( pillars of
 etheric light) from the core to the crystalline grid, and back to the
 surface. This will stabilize the work.
 Those in the oceans, whose mission it is to work with the dolphins and
 whales are asked to connect fully with these energies, as important
 messages from these gentle earthkeepers are to be released at this
 Those who work with the Devic Kingdom, and Mother Earth herself, are
 asked to ground and bring in these energies, as fully as possible,
 into their own fields, and then into the physical planet itself.
 It is of utmost importance, as always, that those doing this work are
 aligned themselves. Prior to beginning, ask to release all frequencies
 which are no longer required, out of your bodies.  Then ask to fully
 align to the energies of the Stargate, in peace and harmony, with ease
 and grace, in a harmonious manner.
  It is important that all of those participants know that they are
  divinely protected . There Angelic kingdoms, and others are fully
  participating with you in this event. Connect to your guides, and ask
  for specific instructions, and messages, and resolutions to those
  issues which you feel are impeding you path. They will l be granted.
 Now is the time of the Dawning of the Age of Light for the planet. We
 are grateful for you participation, We embrace you efforts, we bless
 you and protect you. WE are, in the light, of your finest hours of
 participation. We are the Galactic Councils of Light, Commanders of
 the Realms. Twelfth High Council, ancient of Days. and others.
 Earth Link Mission
 Salem New Age Center - Salem Massachusetts
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