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psychoceramics: Addition to Fundy Rating System

Here's one that Bulhak's source missed.  You should get 10 or 12 extra points
for saying that the King James version is even more divinely inspired 
than other bibles, or saying that it's the most "accurate" bible.

There's a group in Mid-Missouri, USA that has their own, more "accurate",
version of the Christian Bible.  They've taken a Revised Standard or some
such, and more-or-less directly substituted "Yahweh" for "God", and "Yeshua"
for "Jesus".  That's much more accurate and precise.  Yep.

I'm sort of puzzled as to how to rate a work like that.  I guess "work"
is a little strong - you could write a Perl script to do it in about 30
minutes, I suppose.