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psychoceramics: Archimedes Plutonium and The City of Gold

Baby Lago <Tyson.L.J--@w--.edu> writes:
> I am new to this list. My main intent in joining is to gather information
> about that fascinating luminary Archimedes Plutonium. 

At least Archie is a real person, unlike some mid-eastern Net.legends.

Archimedes Plutonium used to call himself "Ludwig Plutonium".  He's had
letters to the editors of Scientific American magazine printed under
that moniker.  I believe the letters turned up in the April [Fool]
issues of the late 80s, early 90s.

Based on this, it's my presumption that he's a crank of long standing.
I don't think Donna Kossy mentions him, though.

Like all Good Net.Kooks, A.P. has attracted an anti-kook who periodically
posts weird messages that sarcastically praise A.P. to the heaven's for
proving Fermat's Last Theorem or something.