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psychoceramics: [Fwd: POPE JOHN PAUL II: J*W.]

While reading alt.conspiracy recently, looking for material on the
Diana assassination (of which there is quite a bit), I came across
this post.  It was posted by one "Rational Racist", best known for
his long-winded neo-Nazi diatribes about "Aryan ideals", the "j*ws"
gender roles and homosexuality, though does not look like his writing.

The part about the "teet for bats and other rodents" is particularly

 -- acb

"The Rational Racist" wrote:
> HTTP://WWW.FTCNET.COM/~OURHERO  - make the world free stop the j*wish conspiracy
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> Here's another interesting article about what I like to call "Hidden j*ws"
> or "Pseudo-j*ws".  This article was written by a heroic Polish man
> named William Sinewski - thank you for this great article Mr. Sinewski.
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> From: s--@a--.com (Sinewski)
> Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white
> Subject: Pope John Paul II: Jew
> Date: 25 Jun 1997 03:41:48 GMT
>    The presence of "imposters" among us is a topic that the so-called
> mainstream (read elitist) media has been either unable or unwilling to
> look at for many years.  There are imposters among us.  This is
> well-known.  What isn't well-known, however, and forgive me for bringing
> it to light, is that the current pope in Rome is a Jew.  This, of course,
> is not the first time the papacy has been held hostage to Zionism.  Each
> of the following popes had no small degree of Jew blood in their veins --
> Boniface VIII, Paul III (authorized the proto-Marxist group known as the
> Jesuits), Pius IX (spread Zionist tentacles into worldwide missionary
> activity), and John XXIII (convened Second Vatican Council and was born to
> a Venetian bishop and a 78-year-old Romanian Jewish gypsy).  But the
> papacy, which was formerly occupied by Karol Josef Wojtyla (1915-1981), is
> now occupied by a full-fledged 100% Jew, an imposter put in place by
> various monied interests and extra-national power-grubbers.  I expect the
> usual outcry from lizards in the biblical studies departments, tenured
> hook-nosed professors, hand-wringers in the media, and Third World
> insurgents, but consider the following:
> FACT: The real Pope John Paul II, the aforementioned Karol Wojtyla, was
> assassinated on May 13, 1981 in Rome.  The trigger-pullers were the CIA in
> conjunction with the United Nations and sub-secretaries and bureaucratic
> holdovers from the Carter Administration.  His body currently resides
> three floors underground in a laboratory in Langley, Virginia (I've seen
> pictures of the deceased).
> FACT: Mehmet Ali Agca was charged with the "alleged assassination" and
> spuriously linked to a group called the Popular Front for the Liberation
> of Palestine (PFLP), which raised international furor against Palestinians
> who, after all, were ripped from their land and made homeless by so-called
> "Jew sympathy."
> FACT: The UN/CIA initiative installed a character actor named Michael
> Pemperton (born in Israel as Mietek Pemper), who appeared in a small role
> in the 1979 made-for-TV movie "A Mother's Kiss: The Margaret Hanson
> Story", to be our latest Pope and archbishop of Rome.  He is of pure Jew
> origins, working for years in various samizat activities on behalf of the
> Knesset and chosen, presumably, for his strong resemblance to Karol
> Wojtyla (although plastic surgeons have performed numerous operations on
> him).
> FACT: Several released photographs of Pope John Paul II, esp those
> disseminated in the years 1981-1984, actually predate the alleged
> assassination attempt.  These photographs are on record.  Several media
> outlets, including Reuters and The New York Times, have admitted to this
> practice.
> FACT: The 1986 papal encyclical "Dominum et vivicantem" includes this
> cryptogram: taking the first letter of each line of the fourth paragraph,
> it spells out "brn Palene" or "B[u]rn Pale[sti]ne," a message to G7
> leaders (a Jew cabal that controls the flow of global monies).
> FACT: Despite the doctored photographs and plastic surgery, pre-1981
> photos of Michael Pemperton clearly show an outgrowth above his left
> ribcage, which doctors believe to be a teet for bats and other rodents.
> Curiously, "Pope John Paul II" has been treated for so-called lymphoma in
> recent years.
> FACT: "Pope John Paul II" voluntarily signed a petition asking for the
> repeal of U.N. Resolution 2649, released on May 5,1975, which (factually)
> equates Zionism with extranational expansion.
> FACT: "Pope John Paul II" has personally called for an increase in
> cardinals from Third World countires, bringing more servants under his
> reign.
> FACT: "Pope John Paul II" is capable of literally hypnotizing crowds, a
> known trait of Jewish men and women, especially if one looks in their eyes
> too long.
> FACT: In 1986, "Pope John Paul II"/Michael Pemperton visited Jewish
> ghettoes and expressed grief for 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust,
> the first such expression of solidarity with Jew interests in modern papal
> history and the perpetuation of a 50-year-old lie begun by liberal
> academics.
> FACT: In 1991, "Pope John Paul II" reaffirmed Humanae Vitae, which
> prohibits the use of birth control, which is a calculated attempt to
> create a population explosion in Latin and South America and produce the
> overthrow of Roman Catholic landowners and so-called right wing
> governments.
> FACT: On August 24, 1995, a seven-year-old Albanian child, Georgi Mitin,
> contracted rabies after kissing the Pope during a papal mass.
> This information is not an editorial nor an attempt to advance my
> particular opinion or agenda.  It is merely a exposition of the facts.  On
> one hand we have the traditional thinking of the past 16 years, which is
> based on misinformation, conjecture, rumor, herd-influence, and the
> willingness of groups of people to attend to the closeminded status quo.
> And on the other hand we have the FACTS, which we can either accept or
> reject, albeit at our own peril.  There are some truths that are
> unpleasant, even scary, to look at.  But we in the know must act
> accordingly.  I wish you all my blessing and my peace.  And I pray for
> you,
> William C. "Bill" Sinewski
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