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psychoceramics: All unbelievers shall be boiled in oil!

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Subject: Re: IUFO: Corso and Alien Transistors - Reverse Speech
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 00:14:36 -0400 (EDT)
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>> Subj:	Re: IUFO: Corso and Alien Transistors - Reverse Speech
>> Date:	97-09-01 17:55:58 EDT
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> You wrote: 
>>Hi Everyone
>>Does anyone know if the talks in Washington between the government
>>and people who want the truth to come out about UFOs were ever taped? 
>>you all remember that conference?  I forgot the name of it.  Anyhow,
>>anyone ever see if reversed speech was used to see how the government
>>lying to the people about UFOs?
>>Best Regards,
> The Air Force Col. who wrote the report about dummmies being thrown 
> out of airplanes near Roswell was taped at his news conference. His 
> reverse speech was analyzed and there were many indications that he 
> was lying. That was covered on the Art Bell show a few weeks ago.
> Danny
First, Colonel Haynes, who did most of the talking at the Air Force's
press conference, did _not_ write the report, and apparently hadn't even
it before confronting the press.  Captain James McAndrew wrote the
But I don't suppose it matters much as somebody will perform a "Speech
Reversal" on McAndrew and inevitably will find he was lying too.  I guess

it's all part of the continuing Roswell witch hunt. 

I have a better and faster method for determining whether Colonel Haynes
Captain McAndrew were telling the truth.  Why don't we throw them both
a vat of boiling oil.  If they sink, they were telling the truth, but if
they're both liars.  Or is it the other way around?  Gee, it's been so
I've boiled anybody in oil, or burned them at the stake.  You know what
say, use it or lose it.

Robert Todd

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