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psychoceramics: Francis E. Dec now in RealAudio

I've been playing around with the free RealAudio EasyStart server 
available from www.real.com.  As such, I've set up a server, and
put online the audio of three Francis E. Dec rants, as recited by
Doc-on-the-ROQ.  (They're the ones from _Hour of Slack_ #392.)

The rants may be accessed at:


This server should stay up, but it is not guaranteed.  At the moment
I have to restart it manually if the workstation it's on is rebooted.

If anyone has a RealAudio server and would like to mirror these files,
I could mail them to you.


 -- acb

 Andrew C. /Bul+hac?k/  Design hacker, WWW Development Group, Monash University