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Re: psychoceramics: All unbelievers shall be boiled in oil!

> > His reverse speech was analyzed and there were many indications that he 
> > was lying. That was covered on the Art Bell show a few weeks ago.

Oooh, somehow I had previously missed this "reverse speech" thing.
Conveniently enough, there's a   http://www.reversespeech.com/
that explains it all.  It's hilarious!  Not content with the idea that
reversed messages can affect your subconscious, these people reverse
that idea to say that your subconscious creates reversed messages in
your speech whether you want it to or not.  In this way you can 
reverse a person's speech to discover... well, anything you wish.
Naturally they have a bunch of products that they want to sell you.

This rivals that secret-coded-messages-in-the-bible crap for the
finding-patterns-where-there-are-none award.