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psychoceramics: Di's Murder: my view

When looking at the recent death of Princess Diana and her 'friend' Dodi 
Al Fayed we should bare in mind two possibilities:

It was an accident in the pure sense of the term, the driver going too 
fast perhaps to impress his passengers or spurred on by Dutch courage 
leading to the triple fatality crash or;

It was a deliberate event, however caused.

If you believe the second possibility you must ask yourself 'who had 
this 'hit' organised?
Email has blamed everyone from the Pope, Prince Phillip, various secret 
societies, MI6, the IRA and even Bill Clinton.

However, as with any murder when trying to determine motive we must look 
at who stands to benefit from a death. I believe this death will greatly 
benefit the (British) Monarchy which earlier this year for the first 
time in modern history was less than 50% favoured to remain by the 
British public. Also currently the Scottish and Welsh peoples are facing 
a vote on wether to devolve from England, gaining more independance and 
perhaps ultimately seperate status under the United Europe mechanisms.

The death under such apparently tragic circumstances has fired off such 
a public/media frenzy it must be a fix. The death was given the same 
amount of coverage as the Gulf War (it seems), the last major NWO 
showcased media massacre event. Do people seriously think it was 
spontaneosly decided to saturate the media with this story? I hope it is 
better in the US and Europe than here in Australia, but yesterday 
(Saturday) all 4 TV networks showed the funeral for 4 hours without 
advertisement breaks. Even the Iraquis getting their country bombed, 
gassed and irradiated into the stone age had breaks!

Anyway, I favour the theory that the Royals decided that they had to 
sacrifice a scape goat to win public sympathy. Diana was the obvious 
choice, especially given her divorce and the need for her children to be 
taken away from her influence.

Questions I would like to see answered:

A great deal has been made of the car driver's blood alchohol level. I 
would like to know what drugs/alchohol Diana was affected by (esp. given 
her apparent cardiac arrest in hospital). She had a history of both 
depression and eating disorders and could have been taking various 
medications. Naturally I doubt this will be made public.

Is the killing by a bridge some sort of masonic significance? 
Unfortunately just about anything in a built up area could be held to 
have significance (if it is flat for instance), but these coincidences 
do seem to occur. Pope John Paul I dying 33 days after taking office and 
so forth. Perhaps someone more familiar with french masonry will know? I 
have read the site has great significance to the origins of the Divine 
Right of Kings etc.

Anyway, watch out for The Man!

Johannes Schmit

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