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psychoceramics: Fwd: [BIOWAR] Fw: Read Note about Gallo

>NOTE :  Please read below, then let this sink in. This is a direct 
quote from a certain person (stated to me, JUST
>RECENTLY) who had some connection-interaction directly WITH Dr. Gallo.  
This person called Peter Kawaja and made the
>following statement, relaying what Dr. Gallo had said to him. (of 
course, this person could have made it all up, as
>bait -  okay ?  /  good enough disclaimer for the unbelieving ?  )
>BE DEAD BY NOW", from GWI - from the Vaccines combined with the other 
tests BY the US, not Iraq. There is more.  In
>other words, what this person was relaying from the conversation with 
Gallo is that they had hoped for MORE
>casualties and by now more AMERICAN Veterans should have been dead.  
Could this be one of the reasons why WRAMC -
>General Blank issued that INCENTIVE PROGRAM for the American Red Cross 
to collect the (TAINTED) blood of veterans and
>send it to hospitals, where YOU go, to help speed up GLOBAL 2000, and 
their plan, and the reason why you are hearing
>about this so-called external threat that Iraq et al,  will attack the 
US with Biologicals ?  Because enough people
>aren't DEAD YET ? So the new event has to be created, hence all these 
preparedness seminars across the US on
>Biological warfare.
>They are prepping you for what Peter Kawaja told you years ago, and 
what has already happened, but there will be some
>"event", some significant terrorist event they will use, to claim you 
now have to worry, you have to go get your
>vaccine, sorry, MARK.  The BLAME will be placed elsewhere, perhaps on 
ANTI-GOVERNMENT, right winged Militias,  and
>you will RUN, not walk, and VOLUNTARILY sign up for the LIE, cause you 
won't want to die.   Is this why there has
>been NO NATIONWIDE BLOOD BAN on Veterans of Persian Gulf Era ?    
>or sick enough so they can't fight or remain active duty, and replaced 
by foreign troops ], and the Civilian
>population under slavery - under their thumb, worried sick / 
preoccupied about dying, so they will accept the MARK,
>the National I.D. Card, and remain in need of "their" treatments and 
drugs, hooked like on CRACK - drugs, and your
>life is spent working for your masters, just so you can end up with 
enough after 85% taxes, to pay for your survival
>Since there are NUMEROUS illegal wiretaps on my phone line, I am sure I 
can most likely (ask some federal agent for a
>copy and) produce an audio tape in Stereo Dolby Pro and THX, from one 
of these agencies, of THAT telephone
>conversation. I know that my hand did not slip on the record button of 
MY tape recorder, which I use at times because
>of my old age and illnesses, when I call the movies to get the time of 
the next show.
>From: John DiNardo <j--@l--.etext.org>
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>Subject: Part 4, GOV'T DEPOPULATION: The Plague Upon Us
>Date: Monday, September 08, 1997 9:55 AM
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>     EDITOR: John DiNardo
>Part 4, GOV'T DEPOPULATION: The Plague Upon Us
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>           The following transcript is from the video
>                        (800) 336-9266
>In essence, Dr. Gallo said that I should go back and get a grade 101
>level of biological science training -- high school level -- and he
>denied that there was any relevance of his work to N.A.T.O. military
>scientists.  He said,
>   "Oh, yes, I was there. But, at these meetings, they talk about 
>    motherhood and fatherhood and sisterhood and brotherhood,"
>and Dr. Gallo said that I was clearly in the wrong. 
>Well, at the end of that meeting, many of the press people came up
>to me, and Dr. Robert Gallo left quite hastily. And somebody handed
>him a flyer on the way out the door -- a flyer that contained
>information about the book, EMERGING VIRUSES. And he happened to see
>that the foreword of the book is by W. John Martin, who is one of
>the World's leading vaccine contamination analysts who worked as the
>Food and Drug Administration's Bureau of Biologics Director between
>1976 and 1980, in charge of testing human vaccines for
>contamination, who happened to have rented a room in Dr. Gallo's
>house for some time, and was personal friends with Gallo. And then,
>on the back of the flyer, he noticed that there was a testimonial
>raving about the book by the hero to those Gulf War veterans who are
>coming down with chronic fatigue syndrome (Gulf War syndrome), 
>Dr. Garth Nicholsen.
>Dr. Garth Nicholsen was Dr. Robert Gallo's counterpart at the M.D.
>Anderson Cancer Research Center, and the two had been involved
>together in that special cancer virus program. And both had worked
>with the people who worked at Fort Detrick, Maryland, America's and
>the World's leading biological weapons testing center.
>So, Dr. Gallo calls Dr. Garth Nicholsen (they're personal friends).
>I didn't hear their conversation; I just heard it second-hand from
>Dr. Nicholsen. Dr. Gallo says: Garth, what the heck are you doing
>giving this fellow, who is obviously crazy, a testimonial like
>this?  Well, in no uncertain terms, Dr. Nicholsen says: Bob, he's
>not crazy. He's a Harvard graduate, and have you read his book? 
>Gallo said: No.  Nicholsen said: Well, Bob, you'd better read his
>book. So, here's his number.
>So, on July 30th, in the morning, my phone rings.  I pick up the
>   "This is Gallo."
>First of all, he apologizes for saying what he said about me. And he
>begins to tell me that he's not a bad man -- that he's a
>humanitarian, like myself, and that he had only MINIMAL association
>with Litton Bionetics Research Laboratories, and that he had only
>minor connections to people who worked at Fort Detrick, Maryland, in
>biological weapons, and that he raised five specific objections to
>my thesis. When I went to check those objections out in the weeks
>ahead, they were scientifically bogus. I'll just tell them to you
>really briefly so that you know, and so that the people who are
>listening at home will understand what is the disinformation that is
>going to be spread IF and when this information ever comes out.
>Dr. Gallo said,
>   "These viruses that I just showed you could never have been
>    combined. They did not have the [quote] `homology'"
>That is the likenesses, the similarities
>   "needed to combine."
>That is absolute hogwash! If you go into the research literature,
>all of Dr. Gallo's mentors said that they could combine. They
>combined them. And, in fact, Dr. Robert Gallo and his own research
>teams at Litton Bionetics combined them.
>Secondly, he said that
>   "there is not enough similarity between the viruses that I just
>    showed you and HIV-I, the human AIDS virus."
>It's bizarre. It seems to have no family tree. It's just a branch,
>sticking out there by itself. There's no progenitors that they know
>of. They don't know what gave rise to it.  He says,
>   "Well, there's not enough of feline leukemia or chicken sarcoma
>    or monkey viruses in HIV-I, so it couldn't have been ......."
>Well, unfortunately, that is false and misleading, too, because it
>was shown that when you recombine these things in laboratories, the
>amount of the mothers' viruses that remained in the children was
>oftentimes five percent or even less. And that would not eliminate
>the possibility that this occurred. 
>But, here's what he said when I pressed him on it:
>   "I will not argue with you. I cannot argue with your general 
>    thesis."
>Then he says,
>   "And I can tell you, even more plausibly, how it could have 
>    happened: BY ACCIDENT at that time."
>He emphasized "accident". 
>So, last week, I sent Dr. Robert Gallo a letter refuting, or at
>least objecting to his objections. And I said,
>   "If you can tell me how it could have happened more plausibly at 
>    the time, please tell me, because I'm very interested in solving
>    the origin of AIDS mystery."
>So, I await Dr. Gallo's response.
>                       ~~ TO BE CONTINUED ~~
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