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psychoceramics: Was Diana assassinated?

[Steve Lamont]
> The polls to which the poster refers I understand have been pretty
> much repudiated by those who study such things.  The questions were
> either slanted or the statistical methods were somewhat suspect.  A
> more reliable poll taken just slightly earlier showed a 70 percent
> favorable response when asked if the monarchy should continue.  [Of
> course, my source of information here is the BBC World Service and the
> conspiratorially minded will discount that source as a propaganda arm
> of the Royals.  As Bob Dole once so aptly put it: "whatever."]

Until a while ago, it was against BBC policy to even acknowledge the
existence of a republican movement in Britain.  In Britain, republicans
have held a position similar to communists in the US (save, perhaps, for

> > The death under such apparently tragic circumstances has fired off such 
> > a public/media frenzy it must be a fix. ...
> Why?  This is the sort of thing the media eat up and gleefully disgorge.
> It's all highly visual and emotional with almost no intellectual
> content whatsoever.  Made for teevee.  If anyone stands to benefit
> from this whole sordid mess, it's probably Rupert Murdoch's media
> empire.  I'm sure we'll see piles of books and even more zillions of
> feet of teevee footage in the weeks, months, and, sadly, years to
> come.  Di will become the United Kingdom's Elvis.

Which reminds me of a theory I heard of the JFK assassination:
that Oliver Stone did it.  If one looks at who had the most to
gain, it becomes obvious.

 -- acb [Or, as De Selby put it, "Shakespeare as much as Brutus plotted 
	 Julius Caesar's death."]

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am presently unsure as to how to separate those of you
 who have fed my growing distaste for mankind from those who, thus far, have 
 not. However, it is with far more certainty that I know such a problem will 
 NOT be factored into what I will share with ALL of you here tonight."   -- NNY