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psychoceramics: Re: psychoceramics-digest V1 #336

"Johannes Scmidt" <r--@h--.com> says:
> Subject: psychoceramics: Di's Murder: my view
> When looking at the recent death of Princess Diana and her 'friend' Dodi 
> Al Fayed we should bear in mind two possibilities:
> It was an accident in the pure sense of the term, the driver going too 
> fast perhaps to impress his passengers or spurred on by Dutch courage 
> leading to the triple fatality crash or;
> It was a deliberate event, however caused.
> [...]
>                                    ... I believe this death will greatly 
> benefit the (British) Monarchy which earlier this year for the first 
> time in modern history was less than 50% favoured to remain by the 
> British public. ...

So why did they botch the public relations so horribly?  Until the day
of the actual planting ceremony, the Royal Family managed to offend
just about everyone except the most die-hard (di-hard?) royalist in
one way or another.

The polls to which the poster refers I understand have been pretty
much repudiated by those who study such things.  The questions were
either slanted or the statistical methods were somewhat suspect.  A
more reliable poll taken just slightly earlier showed a 70 percent
favorable response when asked if the monarchy should continue.  [Of
course, my source of information here is the BBC World Service and the
conspiratorially minded will discount that source as a propaganda arm
of the Royals.  As Bob Dole once so aptly put it: "whatever."]

There's no question that the Royals themselves are somewhat in
disfavor, given their continuing antics, but the concept of a monarchy
(no matter how archaic and ill advised) still retains favor.  If
anything, the whole Di affair has pushed the public slightly in the
direction of giving the whole useless lot the old heave-ho.

>             ... Also currently the Scottish and Welsh peoples are facing 
> a vote on wether to devolve from England, gaining more independance and 
> perhaps ultimately seperate status under the United Europe mechanisms.

There is a strong separatist movement in Wales and a slightly less
ardent one in Scotland but Tony Blair's move to create semi-autonomous
legislative bodies will probably keep the lids on those particular
pots for a little while, at least.

> The death under such apparently tragic circumstances has fired off such 
> a public/media frenzy it must be a fix. ...

Why?  This is the sort of thing the media eat up and gleefully disgorge.
It's all highly visual and emotional with almost no intellectual
content whatsoever.  Made for teevee.  If anyone stands to benefit
from this whole sordid mess, it's probably Rupert Murdoch's media
empire.  I'm sure we'll see piles of books and even more zillions of
feet of teevee footage in the weeks, months, and, sadly, years to
come.  Di will become the United Kingdom's Elvis.

>                                     ... The death was given the same 
> amount of coverage as the Gulf War (it seems), the last major NWO 
> showcased media massacre event. Do people seriously think it was 
> spontaneosly decided to saturate the media with this story? ...

See above.  To think that there needs to be a conspiracy to ignite
this sort of media frenzy shows a lack of understanding of how modern
media function.  If anything, I'd be poking under rocks looking for
conspirators if the event was played down.  Hell, there are zillions
of pounds, dollars, and yen to be made off this.  Any news director
who refused to pull out the stops on this one would be out looking for
a new job right about now and the order wouldn't come from the
Illuminati or Buckingham Palace but from the accounting department.

>                                                         ... I hope it is 
> better in the US and Europe than here in Australia, but yesterday 
> (Saturday) all 4 TV networks showed the funeral for 4 hours without 
> advertisement breaks. Even the Iraquis getting their country bombed, 
> gassed and irradiated into the stone age had breaks!

Not true.  CNN, at least, covered the initial phases of the Iraq
bloodbath commercial free.  It's pretty much standard network policy
to do so (although wall to wall coverage is a more or less recent
innovation, dating back to the Kennedy assassination in 1963).

> Anyway, I favour the theory that the Royals decided that they had to 
> sacrifice a scape goat to win public sympathy. Diana was the obvious 
> choice, especially given her divorce and the need for her children to be 
> taken away from her influence.

Again, if so, why did they screw up the PR so badly?  There was a lot
of public outcry and negative press.  Unless there's something
extremely subtle in the scenario which I've missed, this is either
a complete botch or the Royals were caught as flat footed as anyone

> A great deal has been made of the car driver's blood alchohol level. I 
> would like to know what drugs/alchohol Diana was affected by (esp. given 
> her apparent cardiac arrest in hospital). ...

I don't know what the laws are in France about releasing autopsy
information or whether there will be some sort of formal inquest.  In
any case, since Di wasn't driving, her blood alcohol level is

A cardiac arrest doesn't surprise me at all given the sort of injuries
likely to have been sustained.  A cardiac arrest can be triggered by a
number of different insults, including loss of blood or shock.

>                                       ... She had a history of both 
> depression and eating disorders and could have been taking various 
> medications. Naturally I doubt this will be made public.

Probably not but since she wasn't driving, her medical history is not
relevant unless one assumes that she was offed on the operating
table.  If that was the case, the record wouldn't show anything
anyway.  What conspirator in their right mind would administer a
lethal dose and then enter it in the record.

> Is the killing by a bridge some sort of masonic significance? 

Beats the hell out of me.  But I'm only a 53rd degree (with oak leaf
cluster) International Masonic Conspirator and they don't let you in
on the really secret stuff until you get up to 145th degree and pass
the Masonic Mind Meld Merit Badge test...

> Unfortunately just about anything in a built up area could be held to 
> have significance (if it is flat for instance), but these coincidences 
> do seem to occur. Pope John Paul I dying 33 days after taking office and 
> so forth. ...

Occam's Razor (also described in that familar bumper strip phrase
"Shit Happens").

>       ... Perhaps someone more familiar with french masonry will know? ...

I'd be more interested in hearing about French cookery, especially the
bits about foie gras and cream sauces...