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[Andrew C. Bulhak: psychoceramics: Was Diana assassinated?]

> From: "Andrew C. Bulhak" <a--@z--.net>
> Until a while ago, it was against BBC policy to even acknowledge the
> existence of a republican movement in Britain.  In Britain, republicans
> have held a position similar to communists in the US (save, perhaps, for
> witch-hunts).

Republicans have held a position similar to communists because the
republican movement (still) consists of Tony Benn MP, who is slightly
to the left wing. He has been advocating a British republic for
donkeys years. I've never seen anyone else broadcasting similar
sentiments in earnest -- I don't believe this is the result of a news
blackout, so much as the fact that no one else really gives a flying
fuck. When people talk about abolishing the monarchy, they mean making
the Queen ride around on a bicycle, like in Holland.